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Корпус DO214AB
Пиковая рассеиваемая мощность
Максимальный импульсный ток
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Документация на серию SMLJ

T PL IA N M CO *R oH S Features Applications ■ RoHS compliant* ■ IEC 61000-4-2 ESD (Min. Level 4) ■ Surface Mount SMC package ■ IEC 61000-4-4 EFT ■ Standoff Voltage: 5.0 to 170 volts ■ IEC 61000-4-5 Surge ■ Power Dissipation: 3000 watts SMLJ Transient Voltage Suppressor Diode Series General Information The markets of portable communications, computing and video equipment are challenging the semiconductor industry to develop increasingly smaller electronic components. Bourns offers Transient Voltage Suppressor Diodes for surge and ESD protection applications, in compact chip package DO-214AB (SMC) size format. The Transient Voltage Suppressor series offers a choice of Working Peak Reverse Voltage from 5 V up to 170 V and Breakdown Voltage up to 200 V. Typical fast response times are less than 1.0 ps for unidirectional devices and less than 5.0 ps for bidirectional devices from 0 V to Minimum Breakdown Voltage. Bourns® Chip Diodes conform to JEDEC standards, are easy to handle with standard pick and place equipment and the flat configuration minimizes roll away. Electrical Characteristics (@ TA = 25 °C Unless Otherwise Noted) Parameter Symbol Value Unit Minimum Peak Pulse Power Dissipation (TP = 1 ms) (Note 1,2) PPK 3000 Watts Peak Forward Surge Current 8.3 ms Single Half Sine Wave Superimposed on Rated Load (JEDEC Method) (Note 3) IFSM 300 Amps PM(AV) 5.0 Watts VF 3.5 5.0 Volts TJ -55 to +150 °C TSTG -55 to +150 °C Steady State Power Dissipation @ TL = 75 °C Maximum Instantaneous Forward Voltage @ IPP = 100 A (For Unidirectional Units Only) SMLJ5.0A ~ SMLJ90A SMLJ100A ~ SMLJ170A Operating Temperature Range Storage Temperature Range 1. 2. 3. Non-repetitive current pulse, per Pulse Waveform graph and derated above TA = 25 °C per Pulse Derating Curve. Thermal Resistance Junction to Lead. 8.3 ms Single Sine Wave duty cycle = 4 pulses maximum per minute (unidirectional units only). How to Order SMLJ 5.0 CA Package SMLJ = SMC/DO-214AB Working Peak Reverse Voltage 5.0 = 5.0 VRWM (Volts) Asia-Pacific: Tel: +886-2 2562-4117 Fax: +886-2 2562-4116 EMEA: Tel: +36 88 520 390 Fax: +36 88 520 211 The Americas: Tel: +1-951 781-5500 Fax: +1-951 781-5700 www.bourns.com Suffix A = 5 % Tolerance Unidirectional Device CA = 5 % Tolerance Bidirectional Device *RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC Jan. 27, 2003 including annex and RoHS Recast 2011/65/EU June 8, 2011. Specifications are subject to change without notice. The device characteristics and parameters in this data sheet can and do vary in different applications and actual device performance may vary over time. Users should verify actual device performance in their specific applications. PDF
Документация на серию SMLJ 

Bourns® Chip Diodes SMLJ TVS Diode Series

Дата модификации: 29.04.2015

Размер: 246.7 Кб

5 стр.

    Товары серии SMLJ

    Наименование i Упаковка Uраб Uогр(ном) Тип
    SMLJ100A (BOURNS) DIODE, TVS, 100V, 3000W, UNI, 5%, SMC
    SMLJ110A (BOURNS) DIODE, TVS, 110V, 3000W, UNI, 5%, SMC
    SMLJ110CA (BOURNS) DIODE, TVS, 110V, 3000W, BI, 5%, SMC 130 шт
    SMLJ11CA (BOURNS) DIODE, TVS, 11V, 3000W, BI, 5%, SMC
    SMLJ120A (BOURNS) DIODE, TVS, 120V, 3000W, UNI, 5%, SMC
    SMLJ12A (BOURNS) Diode 1 шт
    SMLJ12CA (BOURNS) 1 шт
    SMLJ130A (BOURNS) DIODE, TVS, 130V, 3000W, UNI, 5%, SMC
    SMLJ130CA (BOURNS) DIODE, TVS, 130V, 3000W, BI, 5%, SMC 1 шт
    SMLJ13A (BOURNS) DIODE, TVS, 13V, 3000W, UNI, 5%, SMC
    SMLJ13CA (BOURNS) 1 шт
    SMLJ14CA (BOURNS) DIODE, TVS, 14V, 3000W, BI, 5%, SMC
    SMLJ15A (BOURNS) Diode 1 шт
    SMLJ15CA (BOURNS) Diode 1 шт
    SMLJ160CA (BOURNS) DIODE, TVS, 160V, 3000W, BI, 5%, SMC 1 шт
    SMLJ16A (BOURNS) DIODE, TVS, 16V, 3000W, UNI, 5%, SMC 10 шт
    SMLJ16CA (BOURNS) 1 шт
    SMLJ170A (BOURNS) DIODE, TVS, 170V, 3000W, UNI, 5%, SMC 21 шт
    SMLJ17A (BOURNS) Diode
    SMLJ17CA (BOURNS) DIODE, TVS, 17V, 3000W, BI, 5%, SMC
    SMLJ18A (BOURNS) Diode 1 шт
    SMLJ18CA (BOURNS) Diode 36 шт
    SMLJ20A (BOURNS) DIODE, TVS, 20V, 3000W, UNI, 5%, SMC
    SMLJ20CA (BOURNS) Diode
    SMLJ22A (BOURNS) 1 шт
    SMLJ24A (BOURNS) Diode
    SMLJ24CA (BOURNS) 1 шт
    SMLJ26A (BOURNS) 1 шт
    SMLJ26CA (BOURNS) DIODE, TVS, 26V, 3000W, BI, 5%, SMC
    SMLJ28A (BOURNS) Diode
    SMLJ28CA (BOURNS) Diode
    SMLJ30A (BOURNS) Diode
    SMLJ30CA (BOURNS) Diode 100 шт
    SMLJ33CA (BOURNS) Diode 1 шт
    SMLJ36A (BOURNS) Diode
    SMLJ36CA (BOURNS) 1 шт
    SMLJ40A (BOURNS) 1 шт
    SMLJ40CA (BOURNS) Diode 1 шт
    SMLJ43A (BOURNS) 12 шт
    SMLJ48A (BOURNS) Diode 10 шт
    SMLJ48CA (BOURNS) 1 шт
    SMLJ5.0A (BOURNS) Diode 1 шт
    SMLJ5.0CA (BOURNS) 1 шт
    SMLJ51CA (BOURNS) 1 шт
    SMLJ54CA (BOURNS) 1 шт
    SMLJ58A (BOURNS) 1 шт
    SMLJ58CA (BOURNS) 1 шт
    SMLJ6.0CA (BOURNS) 1 шт
    SMLJ64A (BOURNS) DIODE, TVS, 64V, 3000W, UNI, 5%, SMC 33 шт
    SMLJ7.0CA (BOURNS) DIODE, TVS, 7.0V, 3000W, BI, 5%, SMC
    SMLJ7.5A (BOURNS) DIODE, TVS, 7.5V, 3000W, UNI, 5%, SMC
    SMLJ7.5CA (BOURNS) DIODE, TVS, 7.5V, 3000W, BI, 5%, SMC
    SMLJ70A (BOURNS) DIODE, TVS, 70V, 3000W, UNI, 5%, SMC 11 шт
    SMLJ70CA (BOURNS) DIODE, TVS, 70V, 3000W, BI, 5%, SMC
    SMLJ78A (BOURNS) DIODE, TVS, 78V, 3000W, UNI, 5%, SMC
    SMLJ8.0A (BOURNS) DIODE, TVS, 8.0V, 3000W, UNI, 5%, SMC
    SMLJ8.0CA (BOURNS) DIODE, TVS, 8.0V, 3000W, BI, 5%, SMC
    SMLJ8.5A (BOURNS) DIODE, TVS, 8.5V, 3000W, UNI, 5%, SMC
    SMLJ8.5CA (BOURNS) DIODE, TVS, 8.5V, 3000W, BI, 5%, SMC

    SMLJ публикации

    22 марта 2019

    Новые мощные TVS-диоды SM8S/SF от Bourns

    TVS–диоды предназначены для поглощения существенных по мощности импульсных нагрузок, что обеспечено механизмом работы компонента: он закрыт до момента возникновения помехи и не участвует в работе схемы, т.е. через него не протекает ток.... ...читать