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Документация на серию XGZP195

Calibrated mV Pressure Sensor Series XGZP195 PRESSURE SENSOR FEATURES ■ Range: 0~10/50/100/200kPaG ■ MEMS technology, Solid-state reliability ■ Perfect replacement, Plug and Play. ■ Calibrated mV analog output ■ Working temp.: -30℃~+125℃(-22℉~+257℉) ■ Gage pressure type(Positive&Negative Pressure) ■ Easy to use and embed in OEM equipment APPLICATIONS ■ For medical and healthy equipment, e.g. Patient Monitoring, Infusion and Syringe Pumps, Anesthesia machines, Respirators and Ventilators, NPWT, DVT, Catheter, COPD Treatment, Kidney dialysis, Cupping& Cosmetology, Hospital beds, Massage device etc. ■ For white goods and consumer electronics, e.g. Refrigerator, Printer, Humidifier, Washer/Dryer, Coffee machine, Dust collector or Cleaner, Robotic ,Sport equipment etc. ■ For more fields, e.g. Digital display meter, Air pump, Process control, Pressure switching, HVAC and pneumatic device, Air flow monitor, Automation, Automotive electronic,Intelligent fire control systemetc. INTRODUCTION XGZP195 is a surface mounting pressure sensor based on CFSensor silicon-glass based piezoresistive pressure sensor die. The sensor die is bonded on a substrate with a plastic cap and packaged in a 6-pin SIP housing. The built-in circuit calibrates and compensates the sensor's zero output, full-scale output, temperature drift and other parameters, and generates a high-precision standard voltage output signal proportional to the supply voltage. The small size and high reliability of integration make this sensor a simple and economical choice for high volume application in a variety of industries. With standard SMD PIN, XGZP195 is easy for users to install by board mounting. The XGZP195 pressure sensor is intended for use with non-corrosive gas or air. It is highly prohibited to choke the side of pressure diaphragm during actual application. Please consult us if a pressure medium other then air is to be used. XGZP195_DataSheet_EN_V1.0 www.CFSensor.com 1/7 PDF
Документация на серию XGZP195 

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