Серия DC-DC интегральных преобразователей AP2007

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Раздел DC-DC преобразователи интегральные
Корпус SO-8 SOIC8
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Встроенные возможности Overload/Short-Circuit Protection
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Документация на серию AP2007

Chipown AP2007 Sync. Rectifier Step Up Converter General Description The AP2007 is a compact, high-efficiency, synchronous step-up converter with power Mosfets embedded and with output turn off true shutdown function for a single-cell Li-ion/polymer battery. The AP2007 uses only 70μA (typ) quiescent current and allows the converter to switch only when needed at no load and light loads, and when load is higher than 150mA, it uses fixed-frequency PWM technique at 1MHz. It features a current mode control for fast transient response with internal compensation. The AP2007 includes cycle-by-cycle current limit to maximum inductor current and over-temperature protection circuit. The AP2007 is suitable for iPad-like computers, smart phones and portable handheld devices. The AP2007 is available in a SOP8-PP package. The operating temperature range is from -45°C to +85°C. z Low 70μA Quiescent Current z Guaranteed 2A Output Current at VOUT = 5V from 3.3V Input z 1MHz PWM Switching Frequency z Synchronous and Embedded Power Mosfets z No Schottky Diode Required z Internal Soft-Start to Limit Inrush Current z Adjustable Output z Output turn off true shutdown function z Current Mode Operation with Internal Compensation z For Excellent Line and Load Transient Response z Overload/Short-Circuit Protection z Shutdown Current <1μA z Thermal Shutdown z Compact 8 pin,SOP8-PP package Package SOP8-PP Applications z iPad-like computers, smart phones and portable handheld devices. Features z Up to 90% Efficiency at Iout=2A VOUT = 5V from 3.6V Input Typical Application Circuit η VS IO(FIB-1#) 100 90 80 η(%) 70 60 50 VIN=2.5V Vin=3.0V Vin=3.6V VIN=4.2V 40 30 0 Figure 1. Basic Application Circuit with AP2007 13/F, Building C, Wangzhuang Technology Innovation Center, Longshan Road,New District, Wuxi 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 IO(mA) 1400 1600 1800 2000 Figure 2. Typical Efficiency Curve Tel: +86(510)85217718 http://www.chipown.com.cn V0.0 1/7 PDF
Документация на серию AP2007 


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