Серия батареи тионил-хлоридной (Li-SOCl2) ER26500EVE

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Раздел Батареи тионил-хлоридные (Li-SOCl2)
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Документация на серию ER26500EVE

Technical Specification ER26500 Lithium-thionyl Chloride (Li-SOCl2) Battery KEY FEATURES High and stable operating voltage High minimum voltage during pulsing International size reference: C Low self discharge rate (less than 1% after 1 year of storage at﹢25℃) ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (Typical values for cells stored for one year or less, at﹢30℃ max.) Nominal capacity 8.5 Ah , 20℃, 2.0V cut off. The capacity restored by the cell (At 4mA﹢ varies according to current drain, temperature and cut off voltage.) Nominal voltage 3.6 V 150 mA Maximum continuous current (Higher currents possible, consult EVE. ) Maximum pulse capability: Storage Typical up to 200 mA ﹢30℃ max. (recommended) (for more severe condition consult EVE) Operating temperature range ﹣55℃ /﹢85℃ Hermetic glass-to-metal sealing Non-flammable electrolyte Restricted for transport (class9) Compliant with IEC 60086-4 Safety standard and EN 60079 -11 intrinsic safety standard Underwriters Laboratories(UL) Component Recognition (File Number MH28717 ) MAIN APPLICATIONS Utility metering Alarms and security devices Memory back-up (Operation at temperature different from ambient may lead to reduced capacity and lower voltage plateau readings.) Typical weight Stainless steel container Tracking systems 52 g Automotive electronics Professional electronics IoT devices …etc. WARNING: Fire, explosion and severe burn hazard. Do not recharge, crush, disassemble, heat above 100℃ , incinerate, or expose contents to water. Do not solder directly to the cell, use tabbed cell instead. Jan.2020 PDF
Документация на серию ER26500EVE 


Дата модификации: 01.05.2023

Размер: 2.02 Мб

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    Товары серии ER26500EVE

    Наименование i Упаковка Ёмкость Тип выводов I станд. I макс. I имп. Размер
    ER26500 (EVE)

    ER26500 3.6V (EEMB)
    26.5×26.5×50 мм
    ER26500/2PT (EVE)
    ø26.2×26.2 мм
    ER26500/3FP (EVE)
    ø26.2×26.2 мм
    ER26500/3PF (EVE)
    ø26.2×26.2 мм
    ER26500/3PT (EVE)
    ø26.2×26.2 мм
    ER26500/P (EVE)
    на поддоне 10 шт ø26.2×26.2 мм
    ER26500/S (EVE)
    на поддоне 24 шт ø26.2×26.2 мм
    ER26500/T (EVE)

    ER26500/T (MINAMOTO)
    24 шт ø26.2×26.2 мм
    ER26500/W (EVE)
    24 шт ø26.2×26.2 мм
    ER26500H/P (EVE)
    ø26.2×26.2 мм
    ER26500H/S (EVE)
    ø26.2×26.2 мм
    ER26500M (EVE)

    ER26500M 3.6V (EEMB)
    на поддоне 48 шт