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Документация на серию PLM150A

PLM1550A Long-life rechargeable lithium ion battery International size reference: PLM1550A Application Technical data • • • • • • • • • • Nominal capacity: 350 mAh (At RT, 250 mA discharge after standard charge) Nominal voltage: 3.6 V Max. charge voltage: 4.1 V End of discharge: 2.5 V (2.0 V at Lower temperature) Maximum continuous discharge current: 2.0 A Pulse current capability (RT): 5.0 A Nominal energy : Max. 1.3 Wh Max. charge current: 100 mA (-20℃ ~ +50℃ ) 20 mA (-40℃ ~ +85℃ ) Internal impedance: ≤100 mΩ (@1 kHZ, RT) Charge Discharge Cycle: 320 mAh (After 100 cycles discharge at 250 mA) Safety tests The cells successful passed the following safety tests: • Short circuit • Impact • Crush • Nail penetration • Over charge up to 0.5 A, 12 V • Safe design • Rechargeable • High power output • Long life and high reliability • Up to 5000 cycles • Operating possible at extreme temperature Features & Benefits • Automotive Electronics • Smart logistics tracking • Internet of things Warning • Cell voltage should not be higher than 4.2 V. • Cell voltage should not be lower than 2.0 V. • For 2 cells or more in series, voltage shall be monitored on each cell. • For more than 2 cells in parallel, maximum charge current shall be limited to 250 mA for the whole pack. Discharge characteristic ATTENTION: Any discharge data in this document are all vertical discharge. Other conditions , consult EVE. Official website The above data comes from EVE’s laboratory, any representations in this document concerning performance are for informational purpose only. Issued in Jan.2023 EVE Energy Co.,Ltd reserves the right to interpret this data. To be the most creative Lithium battery company, and make outstanding contributions to sustainable development. PDF
Документация на серию PLM150A 

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