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NEW microSD™ Card Connectors DM3 Series ■Features ◆ Common to the entire Series 1. Extremely small size Small external dimensions and the above-the-board height make the connectors the smallest on the market. 2. Reverse card insertion protection Unique card slot design (patented) protects the connector from damage when the card is attempted to be inserted in reverse, allowing it to re-inserted correctly. 3. Effective ground and shield configuration ◆ DM3D (Push -Pull, manual, without ejection mechanism) · Partial card insertion hold Card will not fall-out even when it is not fully inserted. Full insertion and electrical / mechanical connection is confirmed with a distinct tactile feel. · Accessible termination areas An inner lead system that can be reworked is used in this design. Contact solder terminations may be inspected and reworked. 4-connection points of the metal cover to the printed circuit board assures secure connection of the ground circuit and provides EMI protection. 4. Rigid and strong construction Despite its small size, high-strengths materials used in the connectors produced a strong and rigid structure. 5. Card detection switch Card insertion-ejection Series Image Page The card detection switch is Normally Open ◆ DM3AT and DM3BT (Push - Push, with ejection mechanism) DM3AT 2~4 DM3BT 5~6 Hinge-manual insertion/ ejection DM3CS 7~8 Push-Pull manual insertion/ ejection DM3D 9~10 · Card fall-out prevention Built-in card tray and the unique push insertion-push ejection mechanism (patented) prevent accidental card ejection or fallout. Despite its small size the connectors will eject the card to a distance of 4.0 mm, allowing easy hold and removal of the card. Push-Push · Exposed termination leads Easy inspection and rework of the solder termination joints. ◆ DM3CS (Hinge, Push-Pull, manual, without ejection mechanism) · Simple and reliable card insertion Hinged metal cover provides location and guides the card during the insertion / removal. Closing of the cover confirms the electrical and mechanical connection with a tactile click sensation. · Reliable contact with the card contact pads Unique contact design and card slide action will clean the contact areas of the card. · Accessible termination areas Contact solder terminations may be inspected and reworked. 2010.6w 1 PDF
Документация на серию DM3 

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