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IM73A135V01 IP57 dust and water resistant analog XENSIVTM MEMS microphone Description The IM73A135V01 is designed for applications which require a microphone with high SNR (low self-noise), low distortion (high AOP), which is also IP57 robust to dust and water. Best-in-class Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) of 73dB(A) enables far field and low volume audio pick-up. The flat frequency response ( 20Hz low-frequency roll-off) and tight manufacturing tolerance improve the performance of multi-microphone array applications. The high performance analog microphone ASIC contains an extremely low noise preamplifier and a high performance differential output amplifier. Different power modes can be selected in order to suit specific current consumption requirements. Each IM73A135V01 microphone is calibrated with an advanced Infineon calibration algorithm, resulting in small sensitivity tolerances (± 1dB). Features • • • • Component level IP57 water and dust resistant Signal to noise ratio of 73dB(A) SNR Acoustic overload point at 135dBSPL Flat frequency response with low frequency roll off at 20Hz • • • • Power optimized modes determined by VDD level Package dimensions: 4mm x 3mm x 1.2mm Differential output Omnidirectional pickup pattern • High quality audio capturing - Conference systems - Cameras and camcorders Industrial or home monitoring with audio pattern detection Typical applications • • Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) headphones and wireless earbuds Devices with Voice User Interface (VUI) - Smart speakers - Home automation - IoT devices • Ordering information Table 1 Ordering information Product name Package Marking Ordering code IM73A135V01 PG-LLGA-5-2 I73A03 SP003803274 Datasheet www.infineon.com Please read the Important Notice and Warnings at the end of this document V 1.20 2021-07-07 PDF
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Дата модификации: 05.08.2021

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    IM73A135V01XTSA1 (INFIN) 300 шт

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    16 декабря 2021

    Infineon выпускает лучший в отрасли аналоговый MEMS-микрофон

    Новинка от Infineon – аналоговый МЭМС–микрофон нового поколения XENSIV™ IM73A135. Главная проблема разработчиков устройств с микрофонами – как добиться сочетания высокого значения ”сигнал/шум” (SNR),  столь же... ...читать