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Документация на серию T110

Tantalum Through-Hole Capacitors – Hermetically Sealed T110 Series Axial MIL–PRF–39003 Polar Type and T212 (CSR13 Style) Overview The KEMET standard hermetically sealed T110 Series is targeted for use in high humidity environments. These capacitors are ruggedly built, designed for miniaturized circuitry, and are especially well-suited for coupling, bypass, filtering and RC timing circuits. The T110 Series exhibits excellent stability as well as extremely low DC leakage current, dissipation factor, and ESR/impedance over a wide temperature and frequency range. Available in standard EIA capacitance values from 0.0047 µF to 330 µF in ±20%, ±10%, and ±5% tolerances, the T110 Series is now offered in working voltages of 6 VDC to 125 VDC and low ESR limits. Higher CV values in comparable case sizes are available in the KEMET T410 Series. Benefits • • • • • • • • • Taped and reeled per EIA Specification RS–296 Marking per MIL–STD–1285 Qualified to MIL–PRF–39003 (CSR13 Style) Failure rate options: Graded – B, C, D, and G Exponential – M, P, R, and S* Capacitance values of 0.0047 μF to 330 μF Tolerances of ±5%, ±10% and ±20% Voltage rating of 6 – 125 VDC Operating temperature range of −55°C to +125°C Case sizes: A, B, C, D *Failure rates apply to military products only Click image above for interactive 3D content Open PDF in Adobe Reader for full functionality Applications Typical applications include coupling, bypass, filtering and RC timing circuits in miniaturized circuitry. One world. One KEMET © KEMET Electronics Corporation • P.O. Box 5928 • Greenville, SC 29606 • 864-963-6300 • www.kemet.com T2031_T110_AXIAL_T212 • 1/23/2018 1 PDF
Документация на серию T110 

Дата модификации: 30.11.-1

Размер: 1.92 Мб

27 стр.

    Товары серии T110

    Наименование i Упаковка Напряжение Ёмкость Допуск Корпус Ток утечки Размер tanD
    CS13BB337K (KEM)
    CS13BC227M (KEM)
    CS13BC336M (KEM)
    CS13BE106K (KEM) 12.04 мм
    CS13BE156M (KEM)
    CS13BE476K (KEM)
    CS13BE476M (KEM)
    CS13BF106K (KEM)
    CS13BF226K (KEM)
    T110A103J035AS (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A103J125AS (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A103K035AS (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A103K050AS (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A103K100AS (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A103M035AS (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A103M050AS (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A104J035AS (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A104J035AT (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A104J050AS (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A104J075AS (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A104K020AS (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A104K035AS (KEM) Конденсатор танталовый 7.26 мм
    T110A104K035AS7293 (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A104K035AT (KEM) Конденсатор танталовый 7.26 мм
    T110A104K050AS (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A104K050AT (KEM) Танталовый конденсатор - 7.26 мм
    T110A104K100AS (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A104M020AS (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A104M035AS (KEM) Танталовый конденсатор - 7.26 мм
    T110A104M035AS7200 (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A104M050AS (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A104M050AT (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A104M100AS (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A105J020AS (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A105J035AS (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A105J035AS7200 (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A105J035AT (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A105J035AT7200 (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A105J050AS (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A105J050AT (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A105K010AS (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A105K010AT (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A105K015AS (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A105K015AT (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A105K020AS (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A105K020AT (KEM) Конденсатор танталовый 7.26 мм
    T110A105K035AS (KEM) Конденсатор танталовый 7.26 мм
    T110A105K035AS7200 (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A105K035AT (KEM) Танталовый конденсатор - 7.26 мм
    T110A105K035AT0100 (KEM) 6.35 мм
    T110A105K035AT7200 (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A105K035AT7293 (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A105K050AS (KEM) Танталовый конденсатор - 7.26 мм
    T110A105K050AS7200 (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A105K050AT (KEM) Конденсатор танталовый 7.26 мм
    T110A105K050AT7200 (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A105M020AS (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A105M020AS7200 (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A105M035AS (KEM) Конденсатор танталовый 7.26 мм
    T110A105M035AS7200 (KEM) Конденсатор танталовый 7.26 мм
    T110A105M035AS7293 (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A105M035AT (KEM) Конденсатор танталовый 7.26 мм
    T110A105M035AT7200 (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A105M035AT7293 (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A105M050AS (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A105M050AS7200 (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A105M050AT (KEM) Танталовый конденсатор - 7.26 мм
    T110A105M050AT7200 (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A124J100AS (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A124K035AS (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A124K100AS (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A125K010AS (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A125K020AS (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A125K020AT (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A125M020AS (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A153K035AS (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A154J050AS (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A154K035AS (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A154K035AT (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A154K050AS (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A155K015AS (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A155K020AS (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A155K020ASC-7237 (KEM) Конденсатор танталовый
    T110A155K020AT (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A155M010AS (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A155M020AS (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A155M020AT (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A183K035AS (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A184J020AS (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A184J035AS (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A184J125AS (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A184K125AS (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A184M125AS (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A185K020AS (KEM) Конденсатор танталовый 7.26 мм
    T110A185K020AS7200 (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A223K035AS (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A223K050AS (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A223M050AS (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A224J035AS (KEM) 7.26 мм
    T110A224J035AT (KEM) 7.26 мм