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Документация на серию T350

Tantalum Through-Hole Capacitors – Radial Dipped T350, T351, T352, T353, T354, T355 & T356 UltraDip II Polar Overview The KEMET UltraDip II offers quality instrument and entertainment system designs that are widely recognized and advantages inherent to solid tantalum capacitors at competitive prices. These capacitors are miniature, dipped, solid tantalum capacitors that provide the designer with the advantages of compactness, low leakage and low DF performance characteristics for filtering, bypassing, coupling, blocking and RC timing circuits. This series features a capacitance range from 0.1 to 680 μF at voltages from 3 to 50 VDC. UltraDip II capacitors utilize the same sophisticated materials and processes that have positioned KEMET as the leading manufacturer of solid tantalum capacitors. The plastic case provides a tough barrier coating and maintains precision of lead wire spacing within ±0.015 inch. The gold color epoxy utilized permits laser marking with outstanding permanency and legibility. All case sizes are printed with capacitance, voltage, polarity and vendor identification. Solid tantalum devices exhibit no degradation failure mode during shelf storage and show a constantly decreasing failure rate (i.e., absence of wearout mechanism) during life tests. Self-insulating cases are resistant to shock and vibration. T35X also exhibits low DC leakage, ESR and impedance, and maintains excellent temperature stability. Benefits Applications • • • • • • Typical applications include filtering, bypassing, coupling, blocking and RC timing circuits or other applications that can benefit from compactness. Taped and reeled per EIA Specification RS-468 Laser-marked case Capacitance values of 0.1 to 680 μF Tolerances of ± 5% (special order), ±10% and ±20% Voltage rating of 3 – 50 VDC Case sizes: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J, K, L, and M One world. One KEMET © KEMET Electronics Corporation • KEMET Tower • One East Broward Boulevard Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 USA • 954-766-2800 • www.kemet.com T2043_T35X • 10/22/2018 1 PDF
Документация на серию T350 

Дата модификации: 22.10.2018

Размер: 497.8 Кб

13 стр.

    Товары серии T350

    Наименование i Упаковка Напряжение Ёмкость Допуск Корпус tanD
    T350A104J035AS (KEM)
    T350A104K035AS (KEM)
    T350A104K035AS7301 (KEM)
    T350A104K035AT (KEM)
    T350A104K035AT-TR (KEM)
    T350A104K035AT7301 (KEM)
    T350A104K035AT7303 (KEM)
    T350A104K035ATTR (KEM)
    T350A104K050AS (KEM)
    T350A104K050AS7301 (KEM)
    T350A104K050AT (KEM)
    T350A104K050AT7301 (KEM)
    T350A104K050ATTR (KEM)
    T350A104M035AS (KEM)
    T350A104M035AS7301 (KEM)
    T350A104M035AT (KEM)
    T350A104M035AT7301 (KEM)
    T350A104M035AT7303 (KEM)
    T350A104M050AT (KEM)
    T350A105J035AS (KEM)
    T350A105J035AT (KEM)
    T350A105J035AT7301 (KEM)
    T350A105K020AS (KEM)
    T350A105K020AS7301 (KEM)
    T350A105K020AT (KEM)
    T350A105K020AT7301 (KEM)
    T350A105K025AS (KEM)
    T350A105K025AS7301 (KEM)
    T350A105K025AT (KEM)
    T350A105K025AT7301 (KEM)
    T350A105K035AS (KEM)
    T350A105K035AS-TR (KEM)
    T350A105K035AS7301 (KEM)
    T350A105K035ASTR (KEM)
    T350A105K035AT (KEM)
    T350A105K035AT-TR (KEM)
    T350A105K035AT/1000 pcs (KEM)
    T350A105K035AT7301 (KEM)
    T350A105K035AT7303 (KEM)
    T350A105K035AT7305 (KEM)
    T350A105K035AT7353 (KEM)
    T350A105K035ATTR (KEM)
    T350A105M020AS (KEM)
    T350A105M020AT (KEM)
    T350A105M025AS (KEM)
    T350A105M025AS7301 (KEM)
    T350A105M025AT (KEM)
    T350A105M025AT7301 (KEM)
    T350A105M035AS (KEM)
    T350A105M035AS7301 (KEM)
    T350A105M035AS7303 (KEM)
    T350A105M035AT (KEM)
    T350A105M035AT/1000 pcs (KEM)
    T350A105M035AT7301 (KEM)
    T350A105M035AT7303 (KEM)
    T350A105M035AT7305 (KEM)
    T350A105M035ATTR (KEM)
    T350A105M050AT (KEM)
    T350A125K025AT7301 (KEM)
    T350A154K035AS (KEM)
    T350A154K035AT (KEM)
    T350A154K050AT (KEM)
    T350A154M035AS (KEM)
    T350A154M035AT (KEM)
    T350A155K016AS (KEM)
    T350A155K016AS7301 (KEM)
    T350A155K016AT (KEM)
    T350A155K025AS (KEM)
    T350A155K025AT (KEM)
    T350A155K025AT7301 (KEM)
    T350A155M016AT (KEM)
    T350A155M025AS (KEM)
    T350A155M025AT (KEM)
    T350A155M025AT7301 (KEM)
    T350A185K025AS7301 (KEM)
    T350A185K025AT7301 (KEM)
    T350A224K035AS (KEM)
    T350A224K035AT (KEM)
    T350A224K035AT7301 (KEM)
    T350A224K050AS (KEM)
    T350A224K050AS7301 (KEM)
    T350A224K050AT (KEM)
    T350A224M035AS (KEM)
    T350A224M035AS7301 (KEM)
    T350A224M035AT (KEM)
    T350A224M035AT7301 (KEM)
    T350A224M050AT (KEM)
    10 шт
    T350A224M050AT7303 (KEM)
    T350A225J016AS (KEM)
    T350A225K010AS (KEM)
    T350A225K010AT (KEM)
    5 шт
    T350A225K016AS (KEM)
    T350A225K016AS7301 (KEM)
    T350A225K016AT (KEM)
    T350A225K016AT7301 (KEM)
    T350A225K016AT7303 (KEM)
    T350A225K020AS (KEM)
    T350A225K020AT (KEM)
    T350A225M016AS (KEM)
    T350A225M016AS7301 (KEM)