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Varistor Products Radial Lead Varistors > LA Series LA Varistor Series RoHS Description The LA Series of transient voltage surge suppressors are radial leaded varistors (MOVs) that are designed to be operated continuously across AC power lines. These UL recognized varistors require very little mounting space, and are offered in various standard lead form options. The LA Series varistors are available in four model sizes: 7mm, 10mm, 14mm and 20mm; and have a VM(AC)RMS voltage range from 130V to 1000V, and an energy absorption capability up to 360J. Some LA Series model numbers are available with clamping voltage selections, designated by a model number suffix of either A or B. The 'A' selection is the standard model; the 'B' selection provides a lower clamping voltage. See LA Series Device Ratings and Specifications Table for part number and brand information. Agency Approvals Agency Agency File Number E320116, E135010 116895 Features • Lead–free, HalogenFree and RoHS compliant. LR91788 42201-006 • Energy absorption capability (WTM) up to 360J • Wide operating voltage range VM(AC)RMS 130V to 1000V Additional Information Datasheet Resources • No derating up to 85ºC ambient • Available in tape and reel or bulk pack Samples Absolute Maximum Ratings • For ratings of individual members of a series, see Device Ratings and Specifications chart Continuous LA Series Units Steady State Applied Voltage: AC Voltage Range (VM(AC)RMS) 130 to 1000 V DC Voltage Range (VM(DC)) 175 to 1200 V 1200 to 6500 A Transients: Peak Pulse Current (ITM) For 8/20µs Current Wave (See Figure 2) Single Pulse Energy Range For 10/1000µs Current Wave (WTM) 11 to 360 J Operating Ambient Temperature Range (TA) -55 to +85 O Storage Temperature Range (TSTG) -55 to +125 O C C Temperature Coefficient (aV) of Clamping Voltage (VC) at Specified Test Current <0.01 %/OC Hi-Pot Encapsulation (COATING Isolation Voltage Capability) (Dielectric must withstand indicated DC voltage for one minute per MIL-STD 202, Method 301) 2500 V COATING Insulation Resistance 1000 MΩ CAUTION: Stresses above those listed in “Absolute Maximum Ratings” may cause permanent damage to the device. This is a stress only rating and operation of the device at these or any other conditions above those indicated in the operational sections of this specification is not implied. © 2014 Littelfuse, Inc. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Revised: 07/09/14 PDF
Документация на серию LA 

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    Товары серии LA

    Наименование i Упаковка UVAR U ac U dc ITM WTM Корпус
    V1000LA160B (LTL) Варистор -
    V1000LA160BP (LTL) Варистор - 1 шт
    V1000LA160BPX10 (LTL) Варистор -
    V1000LA160BPX2855 (LTL) Варистор -
    V1000LA80A (LTL) Варистор -
    V1000LA80AP (LTL) Варистор - 1 шт
    V1000LA80APX2855 (LTL) Варистор -
    V1000LC160BP (LTL) Варистор -
    V1000LC160BPX10 (LTL) Варистор -
    V1000LC160BPX2855 (LTL) Варистор -
    V1000LC80A (LTL) Варистор -
    V1000LC80AP (LTL) Варистор -
    V1000LC80APX2855 (LTL) Варистор -
    V1000LT80AP (LTL) Варистор -
    V1000LU80AP (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LA1 (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LA10A (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LA10AP (LTL) Варистор - 700 шт
    V130LA10APX1347 (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LA10APX2855 (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LA1P (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LA1PX2855 (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LA2 (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LA20A (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LA20AP (LTL) Варистор - 5 шт
    V130LA20APX10 (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LA20APX1347 (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LA20APX2855 (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LA20B (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LA20BP (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LA20BPX10 (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LA20BPX1347 (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LA20BPX2855 (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LA2P (LTL) Варистор - 1 шт
    V130LA2PX1347 (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LA2PX2855 (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LA5 (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LA5P (LTL) Варистор - в коробках 1000 шт
    V130LA5PX2855 (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LC10A (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LC10AP (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LC10APX2855 (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LC1P (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LC1PX2855 (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LC2 (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LC20A (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LC20AP (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LC20APX10 (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LC20APX2855 (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LC20B (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LC20BP (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LC20BPX10 (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LC20BPX2855 (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LC2P (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LC2PX2855 (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LC5 (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LC5P (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LC5PX2855 (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LS1 (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LS10A (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LS10AP (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LS10APX2855 (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LS1P (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LS1PX2855 (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LS2 (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LS20A (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LS20AP (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LS20APX10 (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LS20APX2855 (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LS20B (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LS20BP (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LS20BPX10 (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LS20BPX2855 (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LS2P (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LS2PX2855 (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LS5P (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LS5PX2855 (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LT1 (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LT10A (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LT10AP (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LT10APX2855 (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LT1P (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LT1PX2855 (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LT2 (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LT20A (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LT20AP (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LT20APX10 (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LT20APX2855 (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LT20B (LTL) Варистор -
    V130LT20BP (LTL) Варистор -