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Раздел Преобразователи электр. величин
Тип преобразования AFE оптического пульсоксиметра и датчика сердечного ритма
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Документация на серию MAXM86161

EVALUATION KIT AVAILABLE Click here for production status of specific part numbers. MAXM86161 Single-Supply Integrated Optical Module for HR and SpO2 Measurement General Description The MAXM86161 is an ultra-low-power, completely integrated, optical data-acquisition system. On the transmitter side, the MAXM86161 has three programmable highcurrent LED drivers. On the receiver side, MAXM86161 consists of a high efficiency PIN photo-diode and an optical readout channel. The optical readout has a low-noise signal conditioning analog front-end (AFE), including 19-bit ADC, an industry-lead ambient light cancellation (ALC) circuit, and a picket fence detect and replace algorithm. Due to the low power consumption, compact size, easy, flexible-to-use, and industry lead ambient light rejection capability of the MAXM86161, the device is ideal for a wide variety of optical sensing applications such as heart rate detection and pulse oximetry. The MAXM86161 operates on a 3.0V to 5.5V VLED single supply voltage. It supports a standard compatible interface and fully autonomous operation. Each device has a large 128-word built-in FIFO. The MAXM86161 is available in compact 2.9mm x 4.3mm x 1.4mm, 14-pin OLGA package. Applications ●● Optimized for In-Ear Applications ●● Miniature Package for Mobile Applications ●● Optimized Performance to Detect: • Optical Heart Rate • Oxygen Saturation (SpO2) • Continuous Monitoring for HRV Benefits and Features ●● Complete Single-Channel Optical Data Acquisition System ●● Built-In Algorithm Further Enhances Rejection of Fast Ambient Transients ●● Optimized Architecture for Reflective Heart Rate and SpO2 Monitoring ●● Low Dark Current Noise of < 50pA RMS (Sample-toSample Variance) ●● Lower Effective Dark Current Noise Achievable through Multiple Sample Modes and On-Chip Averaging ●● High-Resolution 19-bit Charge Integrating ADC ●● Three Low-Noise 8-Bit LED Current DACs ●● Excellent Dynamic Range > 89dB in White Card Loop-Back Test (Sample-to-Sample Variance) ●● Excellent Ambient Range and Rejection Capability • > 100μA Ambient Photodetector Current • > 70dB Ambient Rejection at 120Hz ●● Ultra-Low-Power Operation for Wearable Devices • Low-Power Operation, Optical Readout Channel < 10μA, Typical at 25sps • Short Exposure Integration Period of 14.8μs, 29.4μs, 58.7μs, 117.3μs • Low Shutdown Current = 1.6µA (typ) ●● Miniature 2.9mm x 4.3mm x 1.4mm, 14-pin OLGA Package ●● -40°C to +85°C Operating Temperature Range Ordering Information appears at end of data sheet. 19-100523; Rev 0; 3/19 PDF
Документация на серию MAXM86161 

MAXM86161-Single-Supply Integrated Optical Module for HR and SpO2 Measurement The MAXM86161 is an ultra-low-power, completely integrated, optical data-acquisition system. On the transmitter side, t...

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    09 сентября 2019

    Maxim анонсировал новые датчики температуры, пульса и SpO2 для нательных устройств

    Носимые медицинские и фитнес–приборы часто измеряют такие жизненно важные показатели, как температура тела и частота сердечных сокращений. При конструировании миниатюрных устройств разработчики ограничены такими факторами как низкая емкость... ...читать