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Раздел Драйверы FET-IGBT
Максимальный выходной ток спада
Опции Buffer/Inverter Based MOSFET Driver, 3A, PDSO8
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MCP14A0301/2 3.0A MOSFET Driver with Low Threshold Input and Enable Features General Description • High Peak Output Current: 3.0A (typical) • Wide Input Supply Voltage Operating Range: - 4.5V to 18V • Low Shoot-Through/Cross-Conduction Current in Output Stage • High Capacitive Load Drive Capability: - 1800 pF in 13 ns (typical) • Short Delay Times: 15 ns (tD1), 18 ns (tD2) (typical) • Low Supply Current: 360 µA (typical) • Low-Voltage Threshold Input and Enable with Hysteresis • Latch-Up Protected: Withstands 500 mA Reverse Current • Space-Saving Packages: - 8-Lead MSOP - 8-Lead SOIC - 8-Lead 2 x 2 WDFN The MCP14A0301/2 devices are high-speed MOSFET drivers that are capable of providing up to 3.0A of peak current while operating from a single 4.5V to 18V supply. There are two output configurations available; inverting (MCP14A0301) and noninverting (MCP14A0302). These devices feature low shootthrough current, fast rise and fall times, and short propagation delays, which make them ideal for high switching frequency applications. Applications • • • • • Switch Mode Power Supplies Pulse Transformer Drive Line Drivers Level Translator Motor and Solenoid Drive The MCP14A0301/2 family of devices offers enhanced control with Enable functionality. The active-high Enable pin can be driven low to drive the output of the MCP14A0301/2 low, regardless of the status of the Input pin. An integrated pull-up resistor allows the user to leave the Enable pin floating for standard operation. These devices are highly latch-up resistant under any condition within their power and voltage ratings. They can accept up to 500 mA of reverse current being forced back into their outputs without damage or logic upset. All terminals are fully protected against electrostatic discharge (ESD) up to 2 kV (HBM) and 200V (MM). Package Types MCP14A0301 MSOP/SOIC MCP14A0302 MSOP/SOIC VDD 1 8 VDD VDD 1 8 VDD IN 2 7 OUT IN 2 7 OUT EN 3 6 OUT EN 3 6 OUT GND 4 5 GND GND 4 5 GND MCP14A0301 2 x 2 WDFN* MCP14A0302 2 x 2 WDFN* VDD 1 8 VDD VDD 1 IN 2 7 OUT IN 2 6 OUT 5 GND GND 4 EN 3 GND 4 EP* 9 EN 3 8 VDD EP* 9 7 OUT 6 OUT 5 GND * Includes Exposed Thermal Pad (EP); see Table 3-1.  2017 Microchip Technology Inc. DS20005807A-page 1 PDF
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MCP14A0301/2 3.0A MOSFET Driver with Low Threshold Input and Enable Data Sheet

Дата модификации: 06.07.2017

Размер: 638.6 Кб

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    Товары серии MCP14A0301

    Наименование i Упаковка Корпус
    MCP14A0301-E/MS (MCRCH) uSOP-8 MSOP8
    MCP14A0301-E/SN (MCRCH) SO8150
    MCP14A0301T-E/KBA (MCRCH)
    DFN-8 WDFN8
    MCP14A0301T-E/MS (MCRCH) uSOP-8 MSOP8
    MCP14A0301T-E/SN (MCRCH) SO8150