Серия AC-DC сетевых преобразователей LD03-23BR2

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Типы защиты КЗ, перегрузка, перенапряжение
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Входное напряжение AC
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Размер 25.4×25.4×17.6 мм
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Документация на серию LD03-23BR2

AC/DC Converter LD03-23BxxR2 Series 3W, AC-DC converter FEATURES CB RoHS  Ultra-wide 85 - 305VAC and 100 - 430VDC input voltage range  1 × 1 inch compact size  Operating ambient temperature range: -40℃ to +85℃  Up to 79% efficiency  No-load power consumption 0.1W  5000m altitude application  Plastic case meets UL94V-0 flammability  EMI performance meets CISPR32/EN55032 CLASS B, EN55014  IEC/EN/UL62368/EN60335/EN61558 safety approval LD03-23BxxR2 series AC-DC converters is one of Mornsun’s compact size power converter. It features ultra-wide AC input and at the same time accepts DC input voltage, low power consumption, high efficiency, high reliability, reinforced isolation. It offers good EMC performance compliant to IEC/EN61000-4 and CISPR32/EN55032 and meets IEC/EN/UL62368/EN60335/EN61558 standards. The converters are widely used in industrial, power, home appliances, instrumentation, communication and civil applications. For extremely harsh EMC environment, we recommend using the application circuit show in Design Reference of this datasheet. Selection Guide Nominal Output Voltage and Current Efficiency at 230VAC (%) Typ. Capacitive Load (µF) Max. LD03-23B03R2 3.3V/900mA 72 4000 LD03-23B05R2 5V/600mA 76 3000 9V/333mA 78 1200 Certification UL/CE/CB Part No.* LD03-23B09R2 LD03-23B12R2 Output Power 3W 12V/250mA 78 1200 LD03-23B15R2 15V/200mA 79 680 LD03-23B24R2 24V/125mA 79 220 Note: * Use suffix ”A2S” for chassis and suffix ”A4S” for DIN-Rail mounting. Input Specifications Item Input Voltage Range Operating Conditions Min. Typ. Max. AC input 85 -- 305 VAC DC input 100 -- 430 VDC 47 -- 63 Hz 115VAC -- -- 0.08 230VAC -- -- 0.06 115VAC -- 15 -- 230VAC -- 25 -- Input Frequency Input Current Inrush Current Leakage Current Unit A 0.25mA RMS Max. 277VAC/50Hz 1A, slow-blow, required (The actual use needs to be selected according to the application enviroment) Recommended External Input Fuse Hot Plug Unavailable Output Specifications Item Operating Conditions Min. Typ. Max. Output Voltage Accuracy 3.3V output others --- ±3 ±2 --- Line Regulation Full load -- ±0.5 -- Load Regulation 0%-100% load -- ±1 -- Ripple & Noise* 20MHz bandwidth (peak-to-peak value) -- 50 100 mV Stand-by Power Consumption 230VAC -- 0.10 -- W 2020.06.30-A/2 Unit % Page 1 of 5 MORNSUN Guangzhou Science & Technology Co., Ltd. reserves the copyright and right of final interpretation PDF
Документация на серию LD03-23BR2 


Дата модификации: 01.07.2020

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    Наименование i Упаковка Выход U1 I1
    LD03-23B03R2 (MORNSUN) 1 шт
    LD03-23B05R2 (MORNSUN) 1 шт
    LD03-23B09R2 (MORNSUN)
    LD03-23B12R2 (MORNSUN) 1 шт
    LD03-23B15R2 (MORNSUN) 1 шт
    LD03-23B24R2 (MORNSUN) 1 шт