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SCM1201B 3.3-5V Transformer Driver for Isolated Power Supplies Features           Packaging Push-Pull driver controller 2.7-5.5V wide input voltage Low conduction resistance 200mΩ Two built-in power MOSFETs with high symmety ,quasi-complementary driver Limited MOSFET’s current while turning on the power Over current protection and Short circuit protection Over temperature protection Under voltage protection Increase the dead time under light load Meet AEC-Q100 automotive standard Application  Optional Packaging of Product:TSOT-23-6 please refer to Isolated Interface Power Supply for CAN, RS-485, RS-232 etc. “Order Information” for details of silk screen. Description The SCM1201B is a driver integrated with MOSFETs for the primary side of a push-pull power. The chip can function at the low input voltage of 3V,and will not be damaged under the high input voltage of 9V in one second.The device contains ,two drive systems and two power MOSFET,and each drive system decides circuit’s direction of one primary winding.Each drive system includes one power NMOSFET.Two drive systems operate in turns to achieve push-pull drive. Two power NMOSFETs are highly symmetrical in order to decrease the degree of magnetic biasing of push-pull topology.The SCM1201B is also integrated with three key technologies to improve reliability. The first one is soft start function ,which limits the current of MOSFET to avoid the damage caused by the large current impact when turning on the power,and quantitatively guarantees the capacitive load in CC load mode.The second one is output over-current and short circuit protection.On the one hand, the SCM1201B distinguishes between the over-current protection and the short-circuit protection,which can control the short-circuit temperature rise while guarantee the capacitive load. On the other hand, the chip can adjust protection’s threshold based on the input voltage and temperature to improve the consistency. The last one is over temperature protection,when the chip operates beyond the specified temperature,it will enters the dormancy state automatically.It will operate again when the temperature decreases to the set point. Typical Application Circuit MSC-TR-IC-017 Function Curves 2022.0212.15-A/3 Page 1 of 10 MORNSUN Guangzhou Science & Technology Co.,Ltd.reserves the copyright and right of final interpretation PDF
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SCM1201B-EN SCM1201B 3.3-5V Transformer Driver for Isolated Power

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