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AC/DC Transformer TTLS03-15BxxT Series 3000VAC isolation test voltage, EPC13, FEATURES flyback transformer  85 ~ 305VAC wide input voltage range  EPC13 Bobbin  Meets UL/EN 62368 standards RoHS TTLS03-15BxxT transformer series feature with 3000VAC primary to secondary isolation, an operating ambient temperature range of -40℃ ~ +110℃. It can be used with our control IC SCM1702ASA to achieve flyback power supply design with wide input volatge range and various protection functions and superior EMI performance. Selection Guide Output Voltage (VDC) Output Current (mA) Auxiliary Voltage (VDC) Auxiliary Current (mA) Typical Power (W) Typical Operating Frequency (kHz) Part No. Input Voltage (VAC) TTLS03-15B05T 85 ~ 305 5 600 18.65 20 3 65 TTLS03-15B12T 85 ~ 305 12 250 17.76 20 3 65 Note: Refer to Schematic for pins and phase points of the transformers. Electrical Specifications Inductance (uH) Input Leakage Inductance Inductance Max. DCR(mΩ) Typ. ① Part No. N1 N2 N3 K (Flux Density Factor) (Gauss/A) TTLS03-15B05T 952.56±10% 80.00 3580 40 1620 5911 TTLS03-15B12T 952.56±10% 80.00 3580 326 1500 5911 Notes: ①The test signal of the inductance are 10kHz and 100mV, test the leakage inductance of N1 based on N2 and N3 are shorted; ②To ensure the transformer will not saturate in all of the applications and conditions, the peak flux density(Bm) should remain below 3000Gauss. Use the following formula to calculate the peak flux density: Bm=K*Ipk, Ipk stands for the peak current of input, which unit is A; ③Approximate transformer core loss(Pcv) can be calculated as following formula: Pcv=3.9E-14*f1.82* △ B2.59, the unit of Pcv is W, f stands for operating frequency, which unit is kHz, △B is the operating flux density, which unit is Gauss. △B can be calculated as: △B=K*△I. General Specifications Item Operating Conditions Min. N1, N3 to N2 Electric Strength Test for1 minute, leakage current <5mA 3000 -- -- VAC N1 to N3 Electric Strength Test for1 minute, leakage current <1mA 1000 -- -- VDC Operating Temperature -40 -- +110 Storage Temperature -40 -- +110 -- -- 95 Isolation ① ② Storage Humidity Non-condensing Typ. Max. ℃ %RH Peak temp.≤245℃, maximum duration time ≤60s over 217℃. Reflow Soldering Temperature ③ Creepage Distance 5.7 -- -- Clearance 5.7 -- -- Notes: Unit mm ①The temperature of the transformer (ambient plus temperature rise) should be within the operating temperature range; ②The storage temperature of the transformer only; ③We suggest that times of reflow soldering should not exceed twice. ④The isolation strap of the peripheral is designed to meet the clearance and creepage distance. Mechanical Specifications Weight TTLS03-15B05T TTLS03-15B12T 3.70g (Typ.) 2019.07.08-A/2 Page 1 of 3 MORNSUN Guangzhou Science & Technology Co., Ltd. reserves the copyright and right of final interpretation PDF
Документация на серию TTLS03-15B 


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