Серия DC-DC модульных преобразователей VCB48_SO-3WR3

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DC/DC Converter VCB48_SO-3WR3 Series FEATURES 3W isolated DC-DC converter in SIP Package, wide input and regulated single output Wide 2:1 input voltage range High efficiency up to 82% No-load power consumption as low as 0.19W I/O isolation test voltage 1.5k VDC Input under-voltage protection, output short-circuit, over-current protection Operating ambient temperature range: -40℃ to +85℃ Industry standard pin-out Meets EN62368 standard         Patent Protection RoHS VCB48_SO-3WR3 series of isolated 3W DC-DC converter products with a wide 2:1 input voltage range. They feature efficient of up to 82%, 1500VDC input to output isolation, operating ambient temperature range of -40℃ to +85℃, input under-voltage protection, output short-circuit, over-current protection. They are widely used in communication fields, such as FSU, battery online monitoring, DC meter, environmental monitoring and other micro base station equipment. Selection Guide Input Voltage (VDC) CE Output Voltage (VDC) Current(mA) Max./Min. Full Load Efficiency②(%) Min./Typ. Capacitive Load(µF) Max. VCB4805SO-3WR3 5 600/0 78/80 1000 VCB4812SO-3WR3 12 250/0 79/81 470 15 200/0 80/82 330 24 125/0 80/82 100 Certification Part No. Nominal (Range) VCB4815SO-3WR3 Max. 48 (36-75) ① 80 VCB4824SO-3WR3 Notes:①Exceeding the maximum input voltage may cause permanent damage; ②Efficiency is measured In nominal input voltage and rated output load; Input Specifications Item Operating Conditions Min. Typ. Max. Input Current (full load/ no-load) -- 78/4 80/12 Reflected Ripple Current -- 50 100 -0.7 -- 80 Start-up Voltage -- -- 36 Start-up Current -- -- 500 mA Input Under-voltage Protection 25 28 -- VDC Surge Voltage (1sec. max.) Input Filter mA VDC Capacitance filter Hot Plug Ctrl Unit Unavailable ① Module on Ctrl pin open or pulled high (3.5-12VDC) Module off Ctrl pin pulled low to GND (0-1.2VDC) Input current when off -- 3 10 mA Min. Typ. Max. Unit Note: ①The Ctrl pin voltage is referenced to input GND. Output Specifications Item Operating Conditions Voltage Accuracy 5%-100% load -- ±1 ±3 Linear Regulation Input voltage variation from low to high at full load -- ±0.5 ±1 Load Regulation 5%-100% load -- ±0.5 ±1.5 -- 300 500 ① Transient Recovery Time Transient Response Deviation 25% load step change, Nominal input voltage Temperature Coefficient Full load 5VDC output -- ±5 ±8 Others -- ±2.5 ±5 -- -- ±0.03 2019.12.05-A/1 % µs % %/℃ Page 1 of 4 MORNSUN Guangzhou Science & Technology Co., Ltd. reserves the copyright and right of final interpretation PDF
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