Серия LED-драйверов LCP-075

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Тип преобразователя
Мощность выходная
Напряжение сети/входное номинальное
Режим стабилизации
Исполнение конструктивное
Степень защиты (IP)
Диапазон входных напряжений (AC)
Напряжение изоляции вход-выход
Коэффициент мощности
Функция защиты
Температура рабочая
Размер 178×68×43.5 мм

Документация на серию LCP-075

LCP Series - 75W Class II Outdoor Programmable Driver Product Features  Input voltage range: 90~305Vac;  Class II design;  Constant power design, outputs programmable;  Built-in 3-in-1 dimming and auto-react: 0-10Vdc, PWM, timer control;  DALI control is optional, can be dim-to-off;  12V/0.2A auxiliary power supply is optional;  Output is isolated with dimming signal;  Stand-by power consumption <1.5W;  Multiple protection: SCP / OVP/OTP;  Surge protection: line-line 5KV;  Ambient temperature: -40℃~+60℃;  Degrees of protection: IP67;  5 years warranty. Application  Suitable for LED architecture lighting, industrial lighting, flood lighting, and roadway lighting, etc. DESCRIPTION The LCP-075 series is designed for European market where has higher safety requirement, suitable for Class II application, programmable outdoor LED driver that operates from 90-305Vac input with excellent power factor. Created for high bay, tunnel and roadway lights, it provides a dim-to-off mode with low standby power. The high efficiency of these drivers and compact metal case enables them to run cooler, significantly improving reliability and extending product life. To ensure trouble-free operation, protection is provided against input surge, output over voltage, short circuit, and over temperature. MODELS Model Number [1] Max Output Power (W) Output Voltage Range (Vdc) Output Current Adjustable Range (A) Full Power Current Adjustable Range (A) [2] Default Output Setting Typ. Effi. [3] Typ. PF LCP-075X041Z 75 20~41 0.27~2.68 1.83~2.68 20-36V/2.1A 87% 0.95 LCP-075X062Z 75 20~62 0.19~1.88 1.21~1.88 20~54V/1.4A 87% 0.95 LCP-075X141Z 75 60~141 0.11~1.10 0.53~1.10 60~68V/1.1A 87% 0.95 Notes: [1]. X=M, programmable output with 0-10V/PWM/Timing dimming ;X=R, programmable output with timing dimming;X=D, DALI dimming; Z=A12,output with 12V/0.2A auxiliary power supply; [2]. Output current adjustable range with constant power at max output power; [3]. All specifications are measured at 25℃ ambient temperature, if no specific note. Page 1 / 16 www.mosopower.com Tel:+86-755-27657000 Email: wcx@mosopower.com Specification subject to change without notice Form No.:FP-10-017RevA/1.0 PDF
Документация на серию LCP-075 

Microsoft Word - LCP-075英文系列规格书 A.1

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    Товары серии LCP-075

    Наименование i Упаковка Напряжение выходное Ток выходной Димминг Тип управления выходом
    LCP-075D041 (MOSO)
    LCP-075D062 (MOSO)
    LCP-075D141 (MOSO)
    LCP-075M041 (MOSO)
    LCP-075M062 (MOSO)
    LCP-075M141 (MOSO)
    LCP-075R041 (MOSO)
    LCP-075R062 (MOSO)
    LCP-075R141 (MOSO)