Серия DC-DC модульных преобразователей MHB75

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Размер 57.9×61×12.7 мм
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Документация на серию MHB75

75W DC-DC Half-Brick Regulated Single Output Converter MHB75 series Features : Half-brick size (2.28" 2.4" 0.5") with industry standard pin out 2:1 wide input range Protections: Short circuit / Over current / Over voltage / Over temperature High efficiency up to 89% 1500VDC I/O isolation Built-in remote ON/OFF control Built-in remote sense function Trimming output 10% Five-sided shield metal case Optional heat sinks for extended operating temperature Output 2.5V/3.3V/15V available Approvals: UL / CUL / CE 3 years warranty SPECIFICATION MODEL MHB75-12S05 MHB75-12S12 MHB75-12S24 MHB75-24S05 MHB75-24S12 MHB75-24S24 MHB75-48S05 MHB75-48S12 MHB75-48S24 DC VOLTAGE 5V 12V 24V 5V 12V 24V 5V 12V 24V CURRENT RANGE 0 ~ 15A 0 ~ 6.25A 0 ~ 3.13A 0 ~ 15A 0 ~ 6.25A 0 ~ 3.13A 0 ~ 15A 0 ~ 6.25A 0 ~ 3.13A RATED POWER 75W 100mVp-p 240mVp-p 75mVp-p 100mVp-p 240mVp-p 75mVp-p 100mVp-p 240mVp-p 10000uF 24VDC 10000uF 2000uF 10000uF 48VDC 10000uF 2000uF RIPPLE & NOISE (max.) Note.2 75mVp-p OUTPUT VOLTAGE ACCURACY Note.3 1.0% LINE REGULATION 0.2% LOAD REGULATION 0.2% SWITCHING FREQUENCY (Typ.) 400KHz for 12/24Vin, 300KHz for 48Vin EXTERNAL TRIM ADJ. RANGE (Typ.) 10% EXTERNAL CAPACITIVE LOAD (max.) 10000uF RATED DC INPUT VOLTAGE RANGE 10000uF 2000uF 12VDC 9 ~ 18VDC 18 ~ 36VDC 36 ~ 75VDC 50VDC 100VDC Power up: 8.8VDC, Power down: 8VDC 83% 87% 87% Power up: 17VDC, Power down: 16VDC 84% 88% 88% Power up: 34VDC, Power down: 32.5VDC 84% 89% 89% 7570mA 3780mA SURGE VOLTAGE (100ms max.) 25VDC INPUT UNDER VOLTAGE LOCKOUT EFFICIENCY (Typ.) FULL LOAD DC CURRENT NO LOAD FILTER OUTPUT OVER CURRENT PROTECTION OUTPUT OVER VOLTAGE (Typ.) OUTPUT SHORT CIRCUIT 50mA Pi-network 7200mA 7200mA 3650mA 3650mA 50mA 1900mA 1800mA 1800mA 50mA 110 ~ 150% rated output power Protection type : Over current limiting, recovers automatically after fault condition is removed 115 ~ 140% rated output voltage Protection type : Output voltage clamp by TVS diode Protection type : Can be continuous, recovers automatically after fault condition is removed 100 5 of case temperature OVER TEMPERATURE Please refer to "Remote ON/OFF Control" for details REMOTE CONTROL FUNCTION OPERATING OUTPUT TRIMMING 10%, Please refer to "External Output Trimming" for details 5 of case temperature (please refer to "Thermal Curve") WORKING TEMPERATURE (Typ.) -40 ~ +100 ; Thermal shutdown at 100 0% ~ 95% RH max. WORKING HUMIDITY ENVIRONMENT STORAGE TEMP., HUMIDITY -55 ~ +105 , 0 ~ 95% RH TEMP. COEFFICIENT SAFETY STANDARDS SAFETY & ISOLATION VOLTAGE ISOLATION RESISTANCE EMC (Note 4) EMC EMISSION OTHERS I/P-O/P:100M Ohms / 500VDC / 25 / 70% RH Compliance to EN55022 (CISPR22) Class A with external components (please refer to "EMC Suggestion Circuit") EMC IMMUNITY CASE MATERIAL Compliance to EN61000-4-2,3,4,5,6,8; EN55024, light industry level, criteria A MTBF 1000K hrs typ. MIL-HDBK-217F (25 ) 57.9*61*12.7mm (2.28"*2.40"*0.5") (L*W*H) 92g DIMENSION WEIGHT NOTE 0.03%/ (0~60 UL60950-1 approved I/P-O/P:1500VDC, I/P-Case:1500VDC, O/P-Case:1500VDC Aluminum 1. All parameters NOT specially mentioned are measured at 12,24,48VDC input, rated load and 25 of ambient temperature. 2. Ripple & noise are measured at 20MHz of bandwidth by using a 12" twisted pair-wire terminated with a 1uf ceramic & 10uf tantalum capacitor across output. 3. The power supply need to connect "+Vout" to "+R.S" and "-Vout" to "-R.S". 4. The power supply is considered a component which will be installed into a final equipment. The final equipment must be re-confirmed that it still meets EMC directives. For guidance on how to perform these EMC tests, please refer to “EMI testing of component power supplies.” File Name:MHB75-SPEC 2011-09-08 PDF
Документация на серию MHB75 


Дата модификации: 16.09.2011

Размер: 835 Кб

6 стр.

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    Наименование i Упаковка U вх U вх ном. КПД
    MHB75-12S05 (MW)
    DC-DC модульный преобразователь - Примечания: DC-DC, 75Вт, вход 9…18В, выход 5В/15А, ре... 1 шт
    MHB75-48S05 (MW)
    DC-DC модульный преобразователь -