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NSA2860X: General Sensor Conditioner NOVOSENSE Datasheet (EN) 1.3  4~20mA current loop Product Overview The NSA2860X is an EMC enhanced highly integrated IC for sensor conditioning and transmitting. It can be used for resistive or voltage output sensors like resistive bridge pressure sensor, thermocouple, RTD etc. The NSA2860X integrates an external JFET regulator, a 24-bit primary signal measurement channel, a 24-bit temperature measurement channel, sensor calibration logic, a pair of constant current sources and a 16-bit DAC. It can provide digital, 0~5V, 0~10V, 4~20mA, PWM and PDM outputs. The high integrity enables very compact PCB design with very few external components. With the internal calibration algorithm built in the MCU, the NSA2860X supports to compensate the temperature drift of zero and span up to the 2nd order and also the linearity up to the 3rd order. Key Features  Analog Functions  Low drift voltage reference  Instrumental amplifier with variable gain from 1X to 256X  Ratiometric or absolute voltage output  Special OWI communication  SPI/I2C  PWM/PDM  Others  High voltage regulator with external JFET or Bipolar  Package: QFN20, SSOP16  Operation temperature: -40℃~125℃ (QFN20) -40℃~150℃ (SSOP16) Applications  Pressure sensors and transmitters  Thermocouple transmitter  RTD temperature transmitter  Other sensors  24-bit ADC for primary signal measurement  24-bit ADC for temperature measurement  Internal and external temperature sensor supported  A pair of current sources  16-bit DAC  Digital Functions  1X~8X digital gain  Multiple filter settings  Sensor calibration logic with built-in MCU  EEPROM  Output Novosense Confidential Page 1 PDF
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Дата модификации: 25.07.2021

Размер: 3.44 Мб

42 стр.

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    Наименование i Упаковка Корпус
    20 шт SSOP-16
    в ленте 1000 шт QFN-20