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NST461 High-Accuracy Remote and Local Temperature Sensor with Pin-Programmable Bus Address Datasheet (EN) 1.0 Product Overview NST461 is a high precision and low power consumption digital temperature sensor based on the temperature effect of PN junction of CMOS process transistor. Besides the chip itself can achieve high precision temperature measurement, it can also achieve remote temperature measurement with external transistor. NST461 remote temperature measurement functions, mainly through external low-cost transistor or the diode, and at the same time the series resistance offset, programmable nonideal factors factor(η-factor), programmable offset, programmable temperature limit, programmable digital filter, diode fault detection, and other functions, improve the output precision and noise resistance, heat for the remote monitoring provides a reliable solution. The multi-point temperature measurement function is realized without increasing the cost. The device is specified to operate in a voltage range of 2.1 V to 3.6 V and a temperature range of -40°C to 125°C. Both local and remote temperature data are represented by a 12-digit code with a resolution of up to 0.0625 °C. SMBus communication protocol is supported and 9 different programmable addresses are available. It’s WQFN(10) package is suitable for PC, servers, communication equipment, battery temperature monitoring, LED lighting and projector thermal control.  37 -µA Operating Current (1 SPS)  4 -µA Shutdown Current  Series Resistance Cancellation  η-Factor and Offset Correction  Programmable Digital Filter  Diode Fault Detection  SMBus and I2C Serial Interface  Programmable Address  10-Lead WQFN Package Applications  Processor Temperature Monitoring  Telecommunication Equipment  Servers and Personal Computers  Precision Instruments  Test Equipment  LED Lighting Thermal Control Device Information Part Number NST461-DQNR Package WQFN (10) Body Size 2mm × 2mm Typical Application 2.1 ~ 3.6V Key Features  Supply and Logic Voltage Range: 2.1 V to 3.6 V  Remote Diode Temperature Sensor Accuracy: ◼ ◼   A1 10 ±1 °C (TA = -20 ~ 85℃) ±1.5℃ (TA = -40 ~ 125℃) Local Temperature Sensor Accuracy: ◼ ±1 °C (TA = -20 ~ 85℃) ◼ ±1.5℃ (TA = -40 ~ 125℃) Q3 1 V+ SCL 9 2 D+ SDA 8 3 D- ALERT/THERM2 7 4 THERM 5 A0 Controller GND 6 Figure 1. NST461 Block Diagram Resolution for Local and Remote Channels: 0.0625 °C Copyright © 2022, NOVOSENSE Page 1 PDF
Документация на NST461-DQNR 

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