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Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors (SMD Type) Surface Mount Type Series : Medium-size TP Type : V High temperature Lead-Free reflow Features ● High ripple current (2 to 5 times as high as TK series) ESR (40 to 70 % lower than TK series) ● Large capacitance (Up to 80 % larger than TK series) ● Endurance : 3000 to 4000 h at 125 °C ● Vibration-proof product is available upon request ● RoHS directive compliant ● Low Specifications Category temperature range Rated voltage range Capacitance range Capacitance tolerance Leakage current Dissipation factor (tan d) Characteristics at low temperature Endurance Shelf life Resistance to soldering heat AEC-Q200 –55 °C to +125 °C 25 V.DC to 80 V.DC 390 μF to 3300 μF ±20 % (120 Hz/+20 °C) l < 0.01 CV (μA) after 2 minutes Please see the attached characteristics list V.DC 25 35 to 80 Z(–25 °C)/Z(+20 °C) 2 2 (Impedance ratio at 120 Hz) Z(–40 °C)/Z(+20 °C) 4 3 After applying rated working voltage for 4000 hours at +125 °C±2 °C and then being stabilized at +20 °C, Capacitors shall meet the following limits. (J16, K16 size : 3000 h) Capacitance change Within ±30 % of the initial value (35 V.DC or less : Within ±35 %) < 300 % of the initial limit tan d DC leakage current Within the initial limit After storage for 1000 hours at +125 °C±2 °C with no voltage applied and then being stabilized at +20 °C, capacitors shall meet the limits specified in Endurance.(With voltage treatment) After reflow soldering and then being stabilized at +20 °C, capacitors shall meet the following limits. Capacitance change Within ±10 % of the initial value tan d Within the initial limit DC leakage current Within the initial limit AEC-Q200 compliant Frequency correction factor for ripple current Frequency (Hz) Correction factor 120 0.75 10 k 0.95 1800 E TP + L Pressure Relief Series identification (I) A±0.2 (P) H 0D±0.5 Negative polarity marking (–) Capacitance (μF) – (I) 0.3 max. K Dimensions Example : 25 V.DC 1800 μF Marking color : BLACK W ( ) Reference size (Unit : mm) 25 35 50 63 70 80 Size codev J16 K16 K21 E V H J 70 K · The dimensions of the vibration-proof products, please refer to the page of the mounting specification. Rated voltage code Lot number R. Voltage (V.DC) Code 100 k to 1.00 B±0.2 Marking 1k 0.90 0D L 16.0 16.5±0.5 18.0 16.5±0.5 18.0 21.5±0.5 A, B H I W P K 17.0 19.0 max. 5.5 1.20±0.3 6.7 0.70±0.30 19.0 21.0 max. 6.7 1.20±0.3 6.7 0.70±0.30 19.0 21.0 max. 6.7 1.20±0.3 6.7 0.70±0.30 Design and specifications are each subject to change without notice. Ask factory for the current technical specifications before purchase and/or use. Should a safety concern arise regarding this product, please be sure to contact us immediately. 00 Nov. 2017 PDF
Документация на серию TP_SMD 


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    EEETP1E182M (PAN)
    EEETP1E182V (PAN)
    EEETP1E272M (PAN)
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    EEETP1E332M (PAN)
    EEETP1E332V (PAN)
    EEETP1H102M (PAN)
    EEETP1H102V (PAN)
    EEETP1H132M (PAN)
    EEETP1H132V (PAN)
    EEETP1H751M (PAN)
    EEETP1H751V (PAN)
    EEETP1J102M (PAN)
    EEETP1J102V (PAN)
    EEETP1J561M (PAN)
    EEETP1J561V (PAN)
    EEETP1J751M (PAN) 18 шт
    EEETP1J751V (PAN)
    EEETP1K391M (PAN)
    EEETP1K391V (PAN)
    EEETP1K511M (PAN)
    EEETP1K511V (PAN)
    EEETP1K681M (PAN)
    EEETP1K681V (PAN)
    EEETP1V132M (PAN)
    EEETP1V132V (PAN)
    EEETP1V182M (PAN)
    EEETP1V182V (PAN)
    EEETP1V242M (PAN)
    EEETP1V242V (PAN)
    EEETP70471M (PAN)
    EEETP70471V (PAN)
    EEETP70681M (PAN)
    EEETP70681V (PAN)
    EEETP70821M (PAN)
    EEETP70821V (PAN)