Серия AC-DC сетевых преобразователей RAC05_SK_480

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Размер 52.5×27.4×23 мм
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Документация на серию RAC05_SK_480

• • • • • • • Features Regulated Converter Ultra-wide input range 85-528VAC OVC III input rating without additional fuses Operating temperature range: -40°C to +80°C Overvoltage and overcurrent protected Class II installations (without FG) EMC compliant without external components No load power consumption <0.5W AC/DC Converter RAC05-K/480 5 Watt 3 2‘‘ x 1‘‘ Single Output Description YEA R The RAC05-K/480 series of 5 watt AC/DC units are specially designed for harsh industrial and outdoor mains conditions. These PCB-mount power supplies are rated to OVC III conditions from 100-480VAC nominal input lines with phase-to-phase or single phase operation without any external components needed. The modules support an operating temperature range from -40°C to +80°C and come with fully protected outputs as well as EMC Class B compliance. All these features make them an ideal fit for integration into smart grid, renewable energy, smart metering and IoT applications. y w arrant T TS PL U D IA N T PRO O M CONVER T S 10 from 10 REACH compliant CO M C M ERP compliant TS CONVER C M RE O RoHS 2 + compliant CO Notes: Note1: Efficiency is tested at nominal input and full load at +25°C ambient Note2: Max Cap Load is tested at nominal input and full resistive load C R Max. Capacitive Load (2) [µF] 10000 1200 1000 E Efficiency typ (1) [%] 63 65 60 S Output Current [mA] 1000 420 330 R Output Voltage [VDC] 5 12 15 E RAC05-05SK/480 RAC05-12SK/480 RAC05-15SK/480 Input Voltage Range [VAC] 85-528 85-528 85-528 C Part Number RE Selection Guide PL U D IA N T PRO Model Numbering RAC05-__ _K/480 Single nom. Output Power 5003727 Output Voltage Ordering Examples: RAC05-05SK/480 RAC05-12SK/480 5Vout 12Vout Single Output Single Output Specifications (measured @ Ta= 25°C, nom. Vin, full load and after warm-up unless otherwise stated) BASIC CHARACTERISTICS Parameter Condition Min. Typ. Internal Input Filter Input Voltage Range (3,4) Input Current Inrush Current Pi type nom. Vin= 480VAC 85VAC 120VDC 480VAC 400VAC 480VAC cold start at +25°C 528VAC 745VDC 40mA 35mA 400VAC 480VAC 18A 20A No load Power Consumption Input Frequency Range Max. IEC/EN62368-1 compliant UL61010-1 certified CSA C22.2 No. 61010-1 certified IEC/EN61010-1 certified IEC/EN61204-3 compliant EN55032 compliant EN55014-1 compliant EN55014-2 compliant EN55024 compliant EN61000 compliant CB Report 500mW AC Input Minimum Load 47Hz 63Hz 0% continued on next page www.recom-power.com REV.: 6/2020 PA-1 PDF
Документация на серию RAC05_SK_480 

Дата модификации: 05.03.2020

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    Наименование i Упаковка Выход U1 I1 КПД
    RAC05-05SK/480 (RECOM) 3 шт
    RAC05-12SK/480 (RECOM) 3 шт