Серия AC-DC сетевых преобразователей RACD12

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Документация на серию RACD12

Features LED DRIVER ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● 12W Class II AC/DC LED Power Supply ENEC, UL, RCM and CB Certified Active Power Factor Corrected >0.95 Fused Input, Protected Output 3kVAC Input/Output Isolation Output Socket Connector cUL/UL-8750 Certified Low Cost Long 5 Year Warranty LIGHTLINE AC/DC-Converter with 5 year Warranty Description 12 Watt PFC Single Output A compact 12W constant current switching power module suitable for driving up to ten high power LEDs (Vf = 3.6V). The output current is fixed at 350mA, 500mA or 700mA. Active power factor correction is standard and the converters are UL8750 certified for use with LED assemblies. The driver module features both screw terminal and socket output connections. The socket connector avoids the possibility of miswiring and damaging the LED load if the LEDs are pre-assembled into a wiring harness or lamp fitting. Selection Guide Part Number Nominal Input Voltage (VAC) Input Current at 230VAC (mA) Output Output Voltage Range Current (VDC) (mA) Max # LEDs RACD12-350 universal 200 3-36 350 10 x 1W RACD12-500 universal 200 3-24 500 6 x 2W RACD12-700 universal 200 3-17 700 4 x 2W, 8 x 1W Specifications (typical at 25°C and after warm up time unless otherwise specified ) Input Voltage Range Rated Power Input Frequency Range Power Factor THD 90-264VAC 12 Watts max. 47-63 Hz Full Load, 115VAC/230VAC 0.95 Full Load, 115VAC 7% max. Full Load, 230VAC 14% max. Open Circuit Voltage 350mA Version 42VDC (Zener Clamp) 500mA Version 28VDC 700mA Version 24VDC Inrush Current (<2mS) 115VAC/230VAC 10A max. Input Current 230VAC, Full Load 200mA max. Leakage Current 115VAC/240VAC - 60/50Hz 0.5mA typ. Input Fuse Standard T1A Output Current Accuracy (combined Tolerance, Load Regulation and Line Regulation) ±10%. Minimum Load Open Circuit Protected 1 LED Hold Up Time 18ms min. Operating Frequency 50-120kHz typ. Efficiency at Full Load 78% RMS Isolation Voltage (input to output) 3kVAC / 1 minute Temperature Coefficient ±0.02%/°C typ. Overload Protection 120% typ. Short Circuit Protection Continuous Current Limit Output Overvoltage Protection Zener Diode Clamp Overtemperature Protection Shutdown, Automatic restart after cooling down Operating Temperature Range Ambient Temperature -20°C to +50°C (free air convection, according to CE/UL) Case Temperature 81°C max. Operating Temperature Range Ambient Temperature -20°C to +50°C (free air convection, according to ENEC) Case Temperature 85°C max. Storage Temperature Range -40°C to +100°C Weight 100g Packing Quantity 1pc Humidity 95% RH max. continued on next page www.recom-power.com REV: 1/2015 RoHS 2011/65/EU 6/6 E340696 UL-8750 Certified cUL-8750 Certified ENEC 61347 Certified RACD12 Refer to Application Notes L-25 PDF
Документация на RACD12-350 

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Дата модификации: 29.06.2015

Размер: 88 Кб

2 стр.

    Товары серии RACD12

    Наименование i Упаковка P вых Выход U1 I1 Вход Защита U вх AC Коэф. мощн. КПД Размер
    RACD12-350 (RECOM)
    RACD12-350-LP (RECOM)
    128×50×13 мм
    RACD12-500-LP (RECOM)
    128×50×13 мм
    RACD12-700 (RECOM)
    RACD12-700-LP (RECOM)
    128×50×13 мм