Серия AC-DC сетевых преобразователей RACM150

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Документация на серию RACM150

Features • • • • • • • Regulated Converter Long 5 year warranty 2MOPP/250VAC Suitable for built in Class II applications Wide input voltage range (85-264VAC) Low leakage current (<100µA) 5000m operation Active power factor correction AC/DC Converter RACM150 Description 150 Watt 5 Enclosed Case Style Single Output YEA R y arrant w The RACM150-S(/F) is a compact 4” x 2” high efficiency AC/DC power supply with 2xMOPP safety approval for medical applications. These space saving enclosed power supplies have a universal input voltage range (85-264VAC), 4kVac isolation, require no minimum load and can be used at ambient temperatures of between -25°C and +80°C. The 12V, 15V, 24V or 48V output voltages are fully protected and have tolerances of less than ±0.2% over the entire input voltage range and less than ±0.5% over the entire load range. The RACM150-S(/F) series is certified to medical safety standard IEC/ES/EN-60601-1 3rd Edition and with less than 100µA leakage current. It has a built-in Class B EMI filter and comes with a five year warranty. max. cont. Power Rating [W] 115/230VAC Max. Cap. Load (1) [µF] RACM150-12S 85-264 12 10.0 / 10.84 91 120 / 130 10400 RACM150-15S 85-264 15 8.33 / 9.0 92 125 / 135 6600 85-264 12 12.5 91 150 10400 RACM150-15S/F (1) 85-264 15 10.0 92 150 6600 RACM150-12S/F RACM150-24S/F (1) 85-264 24 6.25 92 150 2600 RACM150-48S/F (1) 85-264 48 3.13 91 150 650 Notes: Note1: Max Cap Load is tested at minimum input and full resistive load C O M CONVER T RoHS 2 + compliant M 10 from 10 PL U D IA N T PRO C O M CONVER T S 650 (1) R 2600 E 125 / 135 120 / 130 REACH compliant CO 92 91 S 5.2 / 5.63 2.5 / 2.71 R 24 48 E 85-264 85-264 CO RACM150-24S RACM150-48S M TS Efficiency typ. [%] C Output Current [A] 115/230VAC RE Output Voltage [VDC] TS Input Voltage Range [VAC] C Part Number RE Selection Guide PL U D IA N T PRO 2MOPP 250VAC E314885 Model Numbering RACM150- __ S/ _ Output Power Fan Option (2) Single Output Voltage Notes: Note2: with suffix “/F” = mounted fan (Please note that removing the fan from the /F version will not give the same performance as the equivalent fanless type. The two versions are not identical) without suffix, without fan Examples: RACM150-12S RACM150-24S/F www.recom-power.com IEC/EN60601 certified ANSI/AAMI ES60601 certified EN55011 certified CISPR11 FCC Part 15 = 12Vout, without fan = 24Vout, with fan REV.: 10/2019 MED-1 PDF
Документация на серию RACM150 

Дата модификации: 03.06.2020

Размер: 679.5 Кб

7 стр.

    Товары серии RACM150

    Наименование i Упаковка P вых Выход U1 I1 Размер
    RACM150-12S (RECOM) SPS Medical 130W 12V/10,84A 116.8×62×39.2 мм
    RACM150-12S/F (RECOM) SPS Medical 150W 12V/12,5A 116.8×62×49.2 мм
    RACM150-15S (RECOM) SPS medical 135W 15V/9A 116.8×62×39.2 мм
    RACM150-15S/F (RECOM) SPS Medical 150W 15V/10A 116.8×62×49.2 мм
    RACM150-24S (RECOM) 116.8×62×39.2 мм
    RACM150-24S/F (RECOM) SPS Medical 150W 24V/6,25A 116.8×62×49.2 мм
    RACM150-48S (RECOM) 116.8×62×39.2 мм
    RACM150-48S/F (RECOM) SPS Medical 150W 48V/3,13A 116.8×62×49.2 мм