Серия LED-драйверов RACT18

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Размер 120×45×28 мм

Документация на серию RACT18

Features TRIAC Dimmable LED Driver • Triac –dimmable with leading or trailing edge dimmers • Class II with SELV output (no earth required) • Extra-large screw terminals and integrated cable clamps for easy installation • Power factor corrected >0.95 • Dimming range 1..100% • Compatible with a wide range of dimmers Description AC/DC Converter RACT18 18 Watt 3 TRIAC Dimmable Single Output YEA R y arrant w The RACT18-xxx series are low cost, triac-dimmable, constant current 18W LED drivers available with either 350mA, 500mA, 700mA, 1.05A or 1.4A full-range outputs. The drivers are Class II (double insulated) meaning no earth connection is required. The phase angle dimming works with leading or trailing edge dimmers. The RACT18 is suitable for indoor locations up to 50°C ambient temperature and is certified for building into furniture for applications such as dimmable shelf lighting, cove lighting or accent lighting. It is CE (LVD + EMC + RoHS) + EAC marked and has the international IEC61347-1 CB report certification. Selection Guide Efficiency Output min. @rated load Power [%] [W] 26-52 350 85 18 18-36 500 84 18 9-18 1050 82 18 RACT18-1400 198-264 6.5-13 1400 82 18 All LED Drivers may not be used without a load. They must be switched on the primary side only. Noncompliance may damage the LED or reduce its lifetime. 10 from 10 CONVER T REACH compliant M M S 198-264 O R RACT18-1050 RoHS 2 + C E 18 T compliant PL U D IA N T PRO CO 85 CONVER S 700 M R 13-26 O E 198-264 CO RACT18-700 C M TS 198-264 198-264 C RACT18-350 RACT18-500 RE Output Current [mA] TS Output Voltage Range [VDC] C Input Voltage Range [VAC] RE Part Number PL U D IA N T PRO M M Model Numbering RACT18-____ Output Power IEC/EN61347 certified IEC/EN61347-2-13 certified EN61547 certified EN62493 certifed EN55015 compliant CB report Output Current Specifications (measured @ Ta= 25°C, 240VAC, rated load unless otherwise specified) BASIC CHARACTERISTICS Parameter Condition Input Voltage Range Input Current RACT18-350,1050,1400 RACT18-500,700 Inrush Current full load Min. Typ. Max. 198VAC 230VAC 264VAC 110mA 120mA 5A No Load Power Consumption 1W Input Frequency Range 50Hz Power Factor full load THD full load 60Hz 0.95 20% Start-up Time 500ms continued on next page www.recom-power.com REV.: 4/2020 L-1 PDF
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Дата модификации: 28.02.2020

Размер: 425.2 Кб

5 стр.

    Товары серии RACT18

    Наименование i Упаковка Напряжение выходное Ток выходной
    RACT18-1050 (RECOM)
    RACT18-1400 (RECOM)
    RACT18-350 (RECOM)
    RACT18-500 (RECOM)
    RACT18-700 (RECOM)