Серия LED драйверов RCD-24W

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Напряжение сети/входное номинальное
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Размер 22.1×12.6×8.5 мм

Документация на серию RCD-24W

● Features ● ● ● ● ● ● ● Regulated Converters UL/ RAILWAYS Certified Constant Current LED Driver Wide Input and Output Voltage Range Digital PWM and Analogue Voltage Dimming Short Circuit and Overtemperature Protected Pinned or Wired Versions IP67 rated for /W Version 96% Efficiency 5 year Warranty LIGHTLINE DC/DC-Converter with 5 year Warranty Constant Current LED Driver Description The RCD series is a step-down constant current source designed for driving high power white LEDs. Standard output currents available are 300mA, 350mA, 500mA, 600mA, 700mA, 1000mA and 1200mA to make this driver compatible with a wide range of LEDs applications. Despite its compact size, the RCD series is fully featured with very high efficiency, wide input voltage range, high ambient operating temperature and two means of dimming: PWM/digital control and analogue voltage dimming. Both dimming controls are independent and can be combined. The driver is also designed to be as reliable as the LEDs it is driving, even at the full operating temperature. Options include an IP67-rated wired version (/W) and a version with built-in reference output voltage (/Vref) to power sensors or for easy analogue dimming. Selection Guide Part Number RCD-24-0.30(a)(b) Input Range (VDC) 4.5-36V Output Output Dimming Current Voltage Control (mA) (Vmin-Vmax) 0-300 2-35 Digital + Analogue RCD-24-0.35(a)(b) 4.5-36V 0-350 2-35 Digital + Analogue (a)(b) 4.5-36V 0-500 2-35 RCD-24-0.60(a)(b) 4.5-36V 0-600 2-35 RCD-24-0.70(a)(b) 4.5-36V 0-700 RCD-24-1.00(b) 6-36V RCD-24-1.20(b) 6-36V RCD-24-0.50 Options Mounting Style Vref Pins or Wired Vref Pins or Wired Digital + Analogue Vref Pins or Wired Digital + Analogue Vref Pins or Wired 2-35 Digital + Analogue Vref Pins or Wired 0-1000 3-31 Digital + Analogue Pins or Wired 0-1200 3-31 Digital + Analogue Pins or Wired RoHS 2011/65/EU 6/6 EN-50121-3-2 Certified EN-60950-1 Certified UL-60950-1 Certified (a)(b) Standard is no suffix with PCB Pins. (a) Add suffix /Vref for pinned version with Vref output and analogue dimming (b) Add suffix /W for wired version without dimming control (four wires) (b) Add suffix /W/X1 for wired version with analogue dimming control (five wires) (b) Add suffix /W/X2 for wired version with PWM dimming control (five wires) (b) Add suffix /W/X3 for wired version with both analogue and PWM dimming controls (six wires) (a) Add suffix /W/Vref for wired version with Vref output and analogue dimming (six wires) RCD-24 Specifications (typical at 25°C, nominal input voltage, rated output current unless otherwise specified ) Derating Graph 300mA-700mA 1000mA-1200mA 40VDC max 5V min. / 24V typ. / 36VDC max 6V min. / 24V typ. / 36VDC max Input Filter Output Current Accuracy (Vin = 24DC) 300mA-700mA 1000mA-1200mA Capacitor ±1% typ, ±3% max. ±2% typ, ±5% max. 1200 Internal Power Dissipation Worst case load of 5 LEDs 800mW max Output Current Stability Output Ripple and Noise (20MHz BW) Vin=36V, Vout =1-9 LEDs Vin=36V, Vout =1-9 LEDs 300mA-700mA 1000mA-1200mA ±1% max 150mVp-p max 300mVp-p max 1000 900 Temperature Coefficient -40°C to +85°C ambient ±0.015%/°C max Maximum Capacitive Load Operating Frequency 300mA-700mA 1000mA-1200mA 100μF 210kHz min/ 250kHz typ/ 280kHz max 350kHz min/ 450kHz typ/ 550kHz max Efficiency at Full Load Short Circuit Protection (Ambient Temperature) 65 1100 Output Current (mA) Input Voltage (absolute maximum) Recommended Input Voltage E358085 800 71 Natural Convection 700 600 500 75 80 85 350 300 -40 -20 0 20 40 60 80 100 Ambient Temperature (°C) 96% max. Regulated at rated output current continued on next page Refer to Application Notes www.recom-international.com REV: 1/2014 L-3 PDF
Документация на серию RCD-24W 

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Дата модификации: 04.03.2014

Размер: 315.8 Кб

6 стр.

    Товары серии RCD-24W

    Наименование i Упаковка Мощность выходная Напряжение выходное Ток выходной Напряжение входное (DC) Функция защиты Траб
    RCD-24-0.30/W (RECOM)
    1 шт
    RCD-24-0.35/W (RECOM) DC-DC модульный преобразователь - P вых: 11.2 Вт; #: 1; U вх: 4.5...36 В; Выход: ток; В... в коробках 5 шт
    RCD-24-0.50/W (RECOM)
    5 шт
    RCD-24-0.60/W (RECOM)
    1 шт
    RCD-24-0.70/W (RECOM)
    1 шт
    RCD-24-1.00/W (RECOM)
    1 шт
    RCD-24-1.20/W (RECOM)
    5 шт