Серия DC-DC модульных преобразователей RPM_2

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Раздел DC-DC модульные преобразователи
Количество каналов
Входное напряжение
Возможности неизолированный, низкопрофильный, компенсация на проводах, мягкий старт
Комплекс защит короткого замыкания, перегрева, перегрузки
Номинальное входное напряжение
Напряжение 1 выхода
Ток 1 выхода
Схема параллельного включения
Напряжение изоляции вход-выход
Сертификаты медицинские
Размер 12.19×12.19×4 мм
Рабочая температура

Документация на серию RPM_2

Features Power Module Description RPM-2.0 2 Amp Single Output YEA R 3 arrant w The RPM-2.0 series is a 2A non-isolated switching regulator power module with a full set of features including adjustable output, sequencing, soft-start control, on/off control, and power good signals. The ultra-compact module has a profile of only 3.75mm, but with an efficiency of up to 98%, the device can operate at full load in ambient temperatures as high as +105°C without forced air cooling. The package is complete with 6-sided shielding for optimal EMC performance and excellent heat management. DC/DC Converter y • High power density (L*W*H = 12.19*12.19*3.75) • Wide operating temperature -40°C to +105°C at full load • Efficiency up to 98%, no need for heatsinks • 6-sided shielding • Thermally and EMI enhanced 25 pad LGA package • Compact DOSA-compatible footprint • Low profile Selection Guide Efficiency typ. [%] 90 - 98 92 - 98 Max. Capacitive Load (2) [µF] 800 800 CONVER T 10 from 10 CONVER T S CO M M R CO RoHS 2 + compliant O E C S RE M R Notes: Note1: Refer to “Input Voltage Range” Note2: Max. Cap Load is tested at nominal input and full resistive load O E C REACH compliant TS Output Current max. [A] 2 2 M PL U D IA N T PRO C Vout Adjust Range [VDC] 0.9 - 6.0 0.9 - 6.0 RE RPM3.3-2.0 RPM5.0-2.0 Output Voltage [VDC] 3.3 5 TS Input Voltage Range (1) [VDC] 3 - 17 3 - 17 C Part Number PL U D IA N T PRO EN55032 compliant Model Numbering RPM__-2.0-__ Packaging (3) Output Voltage max. Output Current Notes: Note3: add suffix “-CT” for tube packaging for more details refer to “PACKAGING INFORMATION” without suffix, standard tape and reel packaging Specifications (measured @ Ta= 25°C, nom. Vin, full load and after warm-up unless otherwise stated) BASIC CHARACTERISTICS Parameter Condition Min. Typ. Internal Input Filter Input Voltage Range Max. capacitor Buck mode 100% duty cycle mode (4) Vout= Vin - Vdrop 3.3Vout 5Vout 3.4VDC 5.1VDC 3.3Vout 5Vout 3VDC 12VDC 3.4VDC 5.1VDC 20VDC Absolute Maximum Input Voltage Undervoltage Lockout (UVLO) Input Current 2.6VDC 2.8VDC DC-DC ON DC-DC OFF nom. Vin= 12VDC 3.3Vout 5Vout 17VDC 2.7VDC 2.9VDC 2.8VDC 3.0VDC EVAL BOARD available 0.6A 0.9A 30µA Quiescent Current 3.3Vout 5Vout Internal Power Dissipation 0.7W 0.8W www.recom-power.com/eval-ref-boards continued on next page www.recom-power.com REV.: 7/2020 RPM-1 PDF
Документация на серию RPM_2 


Дата модификации: 27.10.2020

Размер: 338.7 Кб

9 стр.

    Товары серии RPM_2

    Наименование i Упаковка P вых Выход
    RPM3.3-2.0 (RECOM)
    RPM3.3-2.0-CT (RECOM)
    RPM5.0-2.0 (RECOM)
    RPM5.0-2.0-CT (RECOM)