Серия DC-DC модульных преобразователей RxxP

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Раздел DC-DC модульные преобразователи
Выходная мощность
Комплекс защит
Сертификаты медицинские
Размер 19.5×9.8×13 мм
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Документация на серию RxxP

Features Unregulated Converters • • • • • • • Qualified with 65kV/µs @ Vcommon mode =1KV EN61010 for test, measurement and lab use EN60601 for medical applications Reinforced isolation 6.4kVDC or 8kVDC Optional continuous short circuit protection Unique reinforced isolation transformer system /X2 option for >9mm input/output clearance Description DC/DC Converter RxxPxx/R 1 Watt 3 SIP7 Single and Dual Output YEA R RxxP3.3S/R(3,4,5) 5, 12, 15, 24 3.3 303 70 - 80 2200 (3,4,5) RxxP05S/R 5, 12, 15, 24 5 200 75 - 80 1000 RxxP09S/R(3,4,5) 5, 12, 15, 24 9 111 75 - 82 1000 (3,4,5) RxxP12S/R 5, 12, 15, 24 12 84 75 - 82 470 RxxP15S/R(3,4,5) 5, 12, 15, 24 15 66 75 - 83 470 ±470 (3,4,5) RxxP09D/R 5, 12, 15, 24 ±9 ±55 75 - 82 ±470 RxxP12D/R(3,4,5) 5, 12, 15, 24 ±12 ±41 75 - 82 ±220 RxxP15D/R 5, 12, 15, 24 ±15 ±33 75 - 83 ±220 (3,4,5) O M CONVER T RoHS 2 + compliant M 10 from 10 PL U D IA N T PRO C O M CONVER y T REACH compliant CO CO Notes: Note1: Efficiency is tested at nominal input and full load at +25°C ambient Note2: Max. Capacitive Load is defined as the capacitive load that will allow start up in under 1 second without damage to the converter C S ±1000 75 - 82 R 72 - 79 ±100 E ±151 ±5 S ±3.3 5, 12, 15, 24 R 5, 12, 15, 24 E RxxP3.3D/R RxxP05D/R(3,4,5) (3,4,5) M TS max. Capacitive Load (2) [µF] C Efficiency typ. (1) [%] RE Output Current [mA] TS Output Voltage [VDC] C nom. Input Voltage [VDC] RE Selection Guide Part Number arrant w The RxxPxxS_D Series of DC/DC Converters are certified to UL/CSA60950-1. This makes them ideal for safety applications where approved or reinforced isolation is required. The reinforced versions are also EN61010-1 certified for Lab Equipment Safety. PL U D IA N T PRO E314885 Model Numbering R__P__ _/P/X2/R Input Voltage “Reinforced Isolation (3)” Output Voltage “Pinout (4)” Single or Dual “Protection (5)” UL/CSA60950-1 certified IEC/EN60950-1 certified UL/ES/CSA60601-1 certified IEC/EN60601-1 certified IEC/EN61010-1 certified CB report Notes: Note3: add suffix „/R6.4“ for 6.4kVDC/1second isolation or „/R8“ for 8kVDC/1second isolation Note4: add suffix „/X2“ for single output with alternative pinout Note5: add suffix „/P“ for continous short circuit protection Ordering Examples: R05P3.3S/R8/P = 5V Input, 3.3V Output, Single Output, 8kVDC/1s isolation, Continous Short Circuit Protection R24P05S/R6.4/P/X2 = 24V Input, 5V Output, Single Output, 6.4kVDC/1s isolation, Continous SCP, Alternative Pinout R12P05D/R8/X2 = ±12V Input, ±5V Output, Dual Output, 8kVDC/1s isolation, Alternative Pinout REF DESIGN available www.recom-power.com/eval-ref-boards www.recom-power.com REV.: 6/2020 dv/dt ADVISORY REPORT AVAILABLE www.recom-power.com/bier ECO-1 PDF
Документация на R05P05S/P/X2/R8 

Дата модификации: 28.04.2020

Размер: 1.53 Мб

6 стр.

    Товары серии RxxP

    Наименование i Упаковка Каналов U вх Выход U вх ном. U1 I1 I2 Паралл. сх. Uиз. вх-вых
    R05P05D (RECOM)
    R05P05D/P (RECOM)
    1 шт
    R05P05D/P/R6.4 (RECOM)
    R05P05D/P/R8 (RECOM)
    R05P05D/R6.4 (RECOM)
    R05P05D/R8 (RECOM)
    12 шт
    R05P05S (RECOM)
    в линейках 25 шт
    R05P05S/P (RECOM)
    в линейках 25 шт
    R05P05S/P/R6.4 (RECOM)
    1 шт
    R05P05S/P/R8 (RECOM)
    1 шт
    R05P05S/P/X2 (RECOM)
    R05P05S/P/X2/R6.4 (RECOM)
    R05P05S/P/X2/R8 (RECOM)
    44 шт
    R05P05S/R6.4 (RECOM)
    R05P05S/R8 (RECOM) в линейках 25 шт
    R05P05S/X2 (RECOM)
    98 шт
    R05P05S/X2/R6.4 (RECOM)
    R05P05S/X2/R8 (RECOM)
    R05P09D (RECOM)
    R05P09D/P (RECOM)
    R05P09D/P/R6.4 (RECOM)
    R05P09D/P/R8 (RECOM)
    R05P09D/R6.4 (RECOM)
    R05P09D/R8 (RECOM)
    1 шт
    R05P09S (RECOM)
    R05P09S/P (RECOM)
    R05P09S/P/R6.4 (RECOM)
    R05P09S/P/R8 (RECOM)
    R05P09S/P/X2 (RECOM)
    R05P09S/P/X2/R6.4 (RECOM)
    R05P09S/P/X2/R8 (RECOM)
    R05P09S/R6.4 (RECOM)
    R05P09S/R8 (RECOM)
    R05P09S/X2 (RECOM)
    R05P09S/X2/R6.4 (RECOM)
    R05P09S/X2/R8 (RECOM)
    R05P12D (RECOM)
    R05P12D/P (RECOM)
    R05P12D/P/R6.4 (RECOM)
    R05P12D/P/R8 (RECOM)
    R05P12D/R6.4 (RECOM)
    R05P12D/R8 (RECOM)
    R05P12S (RECOM)
    R05P12S/P (RECOM)
    R05P12S/P/R6.4 (RECOM)
    R05P12S/P/R8 (RECOM)
    R05P12S/P/X2 (RECOM)
    R05P12S/P/X2/R6.4 (RECOM)
    R05P12S/P/X2/R8 (RECOM)
    R05P12S/R6.4 (RECOM)
    R05P12S/R8 (RECOM)
    R05P12S/X2 (RECOM)
    R05P12S/X2/R6.4 (RECOM)
    R05P12S/X2/R8 (RECOM)
    R05P1509D (RECOM)
    R05P1509D/P (RECOM)
    R05P15D (RECOM)
    в линейках 25 шт
    R05P15D/P (RECOM)
    R05P15D/P/R6.4 (RECOM)
    R05P15D/P/R8 (RECOM)
    R05P15D/R6.4 (RECOM)
    R05P15D/R8 (RECOM)
    R05P15S (RECOM)
    R05P15S/P (RECOM)
    R05P15S/P/R6.4 (RECOM)
    R05P15S/P/R8 (RECOM)
    R05P15S/P/X2 (RECOM)
    R05P15S/P/X2/R6.4 (RECOM)
    R05P15S/P/X2/R8 (RECOM)
    R05P15S/R6.4 (RECOM)
    R05P15S/R8 (RECOM)
    R05P15S/X2 (RECOM)
    R05P15S/X2/R6.4 (RECOM)
    R05P15S/X2/R8 (RECOM)
    R05P3.3D (RECOM)
    R05P3.3D/P (RECOM)
    R05P3.3D/P/R6.4 (RECOM)
    R05P3.3D/P/R8 (RECOM)
    R05P3.3D/R6.4 (RECOM)
    R05P3.3D/R8 (RECOM)
    R05P3.3S (RECOM)
    R05P3.3S/P (RECOM)
    в линейках 25 шт
    R05P3.3S/P/R6.4 (RECOM)
    R05P3.3S/P/R8 (RECOM)
    R05P3.3S/P/X2 (RECOM)
    R05P3.3S/P/X2/R6.4 (RECOM)
    R05P3.3S/P/X2/R8 (RECOM)
    R05P3.3S/R6.4 (RECOM)
    R05P3.3S/R8 (RECOM)
    R05P3.3S/X2 (RECOM)
    R05P3.3S/X2/R6.4 (RECOM)
    R05P3.3S/X2/R8 (RECOM)
    R09P05D (RECOM)
    R09P05D/P (RECOM)
    R09P05D/P/R6.4 (RECOM)
    R09P05D/P/R8 (RECOM)
    R09P05D/R6.4 (RECOM)
    R09P05D/R8 (RECOM)
    R09P05S (RECOM)
    R09P05S/P (RECOM)