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Размер 45×70×20 мм
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Документация на серию MP174565 Int

Rechargeable lithium-ion battery MP 174565 Integration™ High performance Medium Prismatic cell Saft always supplies MP cells in assemblies or as customized battery system constructions Benefits • • • • • • • • • • Enhanced capacity Broad operating temperature range Extended autonomy and life for mobile systems Recommended for ruggedized designs Easy integration into compact and light systems Used in potentially explosible atmospheres High reliability Aluminium casing Very high energy density (423 Wh/l and 175 Wh/kg) Unrivalled low temperature performance Key features  charge recovery after long • Excellent storage, even at high temperature • Maintenance-free • Long cycle life (over 70 % initial capacity after 600 cycles, C charge rate, C/2 rate 100 % DoD at 20°C) • Non-restricted for transport/ Non-assigned to Class 9 according to the UN Recommendations on the transport of dangerous goods – Model Regulations • Compliant with IEC 61960 standard and IEC 60079-11 intrinsic safety standard (class T4 assignment between -- 20 °C to + 40 °C) • Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Component Recognition Main applications • Mobile asset tracking • Rack-mount telecom batteries • Small UPS • Future soldier equipment • Portable radios • Portable defibrillators • Professional portable lighting • Electric bikes and personal mobility September 2009 Electrical characteristics Nominal voltage (1 A rate at 20°C) 3.75 V Typical capacity 20°C (at 1 A 20°C 2.5 V cut-off) 4.8 Ah Nominal energy 18 Wh Mechanical characteristics (sleeved 100 % charged cell) Thickness after 600 cycles (Thickness tends to increase with cycling. Consult Saft) (At beginning of life 18.1 mm) 19.7 mm Width max 45.5 mm Height max (including protection circuit) 70 mm Typical weight (including protection circuit) 103 g Lithium equivalent content 1.44 g Volume 42.50 cm3 Operating conditions Charge method Constant Current/Constant Voltage End charge voltage 4.20 +/-- 0.05 V Maximum recommended charge current** 5.0 A (~C rate) Charge temperature range* -- 20°C to + 60°C Charge time at 20°C To be set as a function of the charge current: Maximum continuous discharge current** Pulse discharge current at 20°C Discharge cut-off voltage Discharge temperature range* C rate C/2 rate C/5 rate 2 to 3 h 3 to 4 h 6 to 7 h 10 A up to 20 A (~4C rate) 2.5 V -- 50°C to + 60°C * For optimized charging below 0 °C, 60 °C and discharging at -- 50 °C, consult Saft. ** Electronic protection circuits within battery packs may limit the maximum charge/discharge current allowable. Consult Saft. PDF
Документация на серию MP174565 Int 

Дата модификации: 30.09.2009

Размер: 699.8 Кб

2 стр.

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    MP174565 Int (SAFT) Li, Ion аккумулятор типоразмера призма номинальным напряжением 3.7 В ёмкостью 4.8 Ач  Т... на поддоне 20 шт

    MP174565 Int публикации

    26 августа 2015

    Литиевые аккумуляторы SAFT для экстремальных температур

    Компания SAFT выпустила на рынок литий–ионные аккумуляторы (Li–Ion) обладающие уникальными параметрами. Уникальность новой продукции заключается в температурном диапазоне заряда–разряда. Аккумуляторы серии INT (MP174565 Int и... ...читать