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Корпус SO-8 SOIC8
Тип управляемого диода
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Документация на серию ACS102-6T

ACS102-6T Transient protected AC switch (ACS™) Features ■ Needs no external protection snubber or varistor ■ Enables equipment to meet IEC 61000-4-5 ■ Reduces component count by up to 80% ■ Interfaces directly with the microcontroller ■ Common package tab connection supports connection of several alternating current switches (ACS) on the same cooling pad ■ Integrated structure based on ASD technology ■ Overvoltage protection by crowbar technology ■ High noise immunity - static dV/dt > 300 V/µs G (5) COM (6) COM (7) NC (8) NC (4) NC (3) OUT (2) NC (1) COM OUT TO-92 ACS102-6TA SO-8 ACS102-6T1 Figure 1. G Functional diagram OUT Applications G ■ Alternating current on/off static switching in appliances and industrial control systems ■ Drive of low-power, high-inductive or resistive loads like: – relay, valve, solenoid – dispenser, door lock – micro-motor COM Common drive reference to connect to the mains Output to connect to the load. Gate input to connect to the controller through gate resistor COM OUT G Description The ACS102-6T belongs to the AC line switch family. This high performance switch can control a load of up to 0.2A. The ACS102-6T switch includes an overvoltage crowbar structure to absorb the overvoltage energy, and a gate level shifter driver to separate the digital controller from the main switch. It is triggered with a negative gate current flowing out of the gate pin. Table 1. Device summary Symbol Value Unit IT(RMS) 0.2 A VDRM/VRRM 600 V IGT 5 mA TM: ACS is a trademark of STMicroelectronics ASD: Application specific devices May 2011 Doc ID 11961 Rev 3 1/11 www.st.com 11 PDF
Документация на серию ACS102-6T 

Transient protected AC switch (ACS™)

Дата модификации: 24.05.2011

Размер: 166 Кб

11 стр.

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    ACS102-6T1 (ST) Тиристор - [SOIC-8-3.9]; Тип: Симистор; Uмакс: 600 В; Iкомм: 200 мА; Iуэ(вкл): 5 мА; Iу... в линейках 100 шт
    ACS102-6T1-TR (ST) AC SWITCH 0,2A 600V SO8     RoHSconf в ленте 2500 шт