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I N D U C T O R S Inductors for power circuits Wound metal SPM series RoHS REACH SVHC-Free Cl Br Pb Halogen Free Lead Free SPM10040 type FEATURES Magnetic shield type wound inductor for power circuits using a metallic magnetic material. Compared to ferrite wound type inductors, it is possible to achieve large current, low Rdc, and compactness. Low inductance variance in high-temperature environments with good DC superimposition characteristics. Metallic magnetic material is used, and the structure has an integrated molded coil, so hum noise is lower than with core adhesive coils. Operating temperature range: –40 to +125 °C (including self-temperature rise) APPLICATION Note PCs, HDDs, servers, VRMs, compact power supply modules, other PART NUMBER CONSTRUCTION SPM 10040 T - Series name L×W×H dimensions 10.7×10.0×4.0 mm Packaging style 1R0 M Inductance (µH) Inductance tolerance CHARACTERISTICS SPECIFICATION TABLE L Measuring frequency DC resistance Rated current Isat (µH) Tolerance (kHz) (m )max. (m )typ. (A)typ. 1.0 ±20% 100 4.29 3.90 18.0 2.2 ±20% 100 7.48 6.80 12.2 3.3 ±20% 100 11.0 10.0 11.0 4.7 ±20% 100 15.6 14.1 8.0 6.8 ±20% 100 23.3 21.1 7.1 10.0 ±20% 100 29.4 26.7 6.0 22.0 ±20% 100 79.0 71.8 4.6  Rated current: smaller value of either Isat or Itemp. Isat: When based on the inductance change rate (20% below the initial value) Itemp: When based on the temperature increase (temperature increase of 40°C by self heating) The cleaning agent can not be used for these products. Part No. Itemp (A)typ. 15.0 12.0 9.8 7.9 6.9 5.8 3.6 SPM10040T-1R0M SPM10040T-2R2M SPM10040T-3R3M SPM10040T-4R7M SPM10040T-6R8M SPM10040T-100M SPM10040T-220M Measurement equipment Measurement item Product No. L 4284A DC resistance AX-111A Rated current Isat 4284A+42841A+42842C Equivalent measurement equipment may be used. Manufacturer Keysight Technologies ADEX Keysight Technologies Please be sure to request delivery specifications that provide further details on the features and specifications of the products for proper and safe use. Please note that the contents may change without any prior notice due to reasons such as upgrading. (1/4) 20210512 inductor_commercial_power_spm10040_en.fm PDF
Документация на SPM10040T-100M 

Inductors for power circuits

Дата модификации: 11.05.2021

Размер: 184.3 Кб

4 стр.

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    Наименование i Упаковка Индуктивность Допуск Ток Корпус
    SPM10040T-100M (TDK)
    SPM10040T-1R0M (TDK)
    SPM10040T-220M (TDK)
    SPM10040T-2R2M (TDK)
    SPM10040T-3R3M (TDK)
    SPM10040T-4R7M (TDK)
    SPM10040T-6R8M (TDK)
    35 шт
    SPM10040XT-R18M (TDK)
    1 шт
    SPM10040XT-R33M (TDK)
    SPM10040XT-R47M (TDK)
    SPM10040XT-R68M (TDK)
    1 шт
    SPM12565XT-1R0M (TDK)
    1 шт
    SPM12565XT-1R4M (TDK)
    1 шт
    SPM12565XT-2R8M150 (TDK)
    SPM3015T-1R0M (TDK)
    1 шт
    SPM3015T-1R5M (TDK)
    1 шт
    SPM3015T-2R2M (TDK)
    SPM3015T-3R3M (TDK)
    SPM3015T-4R7M (TDK)
    SPM3015T-R47M (TDK)
    SPM3020T-1R0M (TDK)
    SPM3020T-1R5M (TDK)
    SPM3020T-2R2M (TDK)
    SPM3020T-3R3M (TDK)
    SPM3020T-4R7M (TDK)
    SPM3020T-R47M (TDK)
    900 шт
    SPM4012T-1R5M (TDK)
    1 шт
    SPM4015T-R68M (TDK)
    SPM4020T-1R0M (TDK)
    41 шт
    SPM4020T-1R5M (TDK)
    1 шт
    SPM4020T-2R2M (TDK)
    SPM4020T-3R3M (TDK)
    SPM4020T-4R7M (TDK)
    SPM4020T-R47M (TDK)
    SPM4030T-1R0M (TDK)
    1 шт
    SPM4030T-1R5M (TDK)
    SPM4030T-2R2M (TDK)
    SPM4030T-3R3M (TDK)
    SPM4030T-R40M (TDK)
    SPM4030T-R60M (TDK)
    SPM5015T-1R0M (TDK)
    SPM5015T-1R5M (TDK)
    SPM5015T-2R2M (TDK)
    1 шт
    SPM5015T-3R3M (TDK)
    SPM5015T-4R7M (TDK)
    SPM5015T-R47M (TDK)
    SPM5020T-1R0M (TDK)
    1 шт
    SPM5020T-2R2M (TDK)
    200 шт
    SPM5020T-3R3M (TDK)
    SPM5020T-4R7M (TDK)
    300 шт
    SPM5030T-1R0M (TDK)
    1 шт
    SPM5030T-1R5M (TDK)
    SPM5030T-2R2M (TDK)
    SPM5030T-3R3M (TDK)
    SPM5030T-4R7M (TDK)
    SPM5030T-R20M (TDK)
    1 шт
    SPM5030T-R35M (TDK)
    SPM5030T-R47M (TDK)
    SPM5030T-R75M (TDK)
    1 шт
    SPM6530T-100M (TDK)
    SPM6530T-1R0M120 (TDK)

    SPM6530T1R0M120 (TDK)
    SPM6530T-1R5M100 (TDK)
    1000 шт
    SPM6530T-2R2M (TDK)
    1 шт
    SPM6530T-3R3M (TDK)
    1 шт
    SPM6530T-4R7M (TDK)
    1 шт
    SPM6530T-6R8M (TDK)
    SPM6530T-R25M230 (TDK)
    50 шт
    SPM6530T-R47M170 (TDK)
    SPM6530T-R68M140 (TDK)
    SPM6550CT-R33L (TDK)
    SPM6550CT-R50L (TDK)
    SPM6550T-1R0M100A (TDK)
    SPM6550T-2R2M (TDK)
    1 шт
    SPM6550T-4R7M (TDK)
    1 шт
    SPM6550T-R47M (TDK)
    8 шт
    SPM6550T-R68M (TDK)
    1 шт