Серия DC-DC модульных преобразователей TDN 5WI

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Размер 13.2×9.1×10.2 мм
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Документация на серию TDN 5WI

Baar, 11. December 2014 Cleaning Guideline Scope This guideline covers hermetically sealed board mounted Traco converters. We do not recommend washing insert moulded products, where it is difficult to get them dry inside. Please check also, if there is an additional comment about washing in the datasheet or application note of the concerned product. Note: We do generally not recommend washing or cleaning electronic components. You should avoid it, if it is not absolutely necessary. It may reduce the reliability of the involved components in your application. Board cooling prior to cleaning process Converters and their associated application PCB assemblies should not be wash-cleaned after soldering until they had the opportunity to cool within the cleaning solution temperature. This will prevent vacuum absorption of the cleaning liquid into the module between the pins and the potting during cooling. Cleaning agents Cleaning method Classification Cleaning agents Water type Deionized water Ultrasonic wave Solvent type IPA Note: In general, the liquid temperature shall be less than 60°C. Cleaning process In aqueous cleaning, it is preferred to have an in-line cleaner system consisting of several cleaning stages (prewash, wash, rinse, final rinse, and drying). Deionised (DI) water is recommended for aqueous cleaning; the minimum resistively level is 1MΩ-cm. Tap-water quality varies per region in terms of hardness, chloride, and solid contents. Therefore, the use of tap water is not recommended for aqueous cleaning. Note: The total time of ultrasonic wave shall be less than 3 minutes. Drying After cleaning, assure that everything will be dry enough, that the moisture and other potential contaminants will not be present anymore. Use an air circulating chamber (e.g. 0.5-0.7m3/s) and thermal oven at 80-100°C (during 20-120min, depending on assembling, structure, components). Handheld air guns are not recommended. It is on customer’s own responsibility to ensure all components are dry. Product post-wash external appearance The marking or date-code may fade or disappear after cleaning. That does not concern the performance of the converter. Andreas Flühler, Head of Technical Services PDF
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Cleaning Guideline

Дата модификации: 02.02.2021

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DC/DC Converter TDN 5WI Series, 5 Watt • Ultra compact DIP package 13,2 x 9,1 x 10,2 mm • I/O-isolation 1‘600 VDC • Fully regulated outputs • Operating temperature range –40°C to +75°C • Short circuit protection • Remote On/Off • 3-year product warranty Also see: TDN 5WISM, SMD version www.tracopower.com/products/tdn5wism.pdf The TDN 5WI Series redefines the power density of high performance DC/DC converters. The cubical package of only 1.23 cm3 encloses a sophisticated circuit which provides 5 Watt output power. They operate up to 50°C environment temperature at full load or up to 75°C with a 50% load derating. With 1600 VDC I/O-isolation voltage, external On/Off, and short current protection they cover a wide range of application when space is limited. The input of the converters is designed for a wide voltage range (4:1) and minimum load is not required. Models Order code Input voltage Output voltage Output current max. Efficiency typ. TDN 5-0910WI 3.3 VDC 1000 mA 76 % TDN 5-0911WI 5.0 VDC 1000 mA 80 % TDN 5-0912WI 12 VDC 420 mA 83 % TDN 5-0913WI 4.5 – 13.2 VDC 15 VDC 333 mA 83 % TDN 5-0915WI (9 VDC nominal) 24 VDC 210 mA 83 % ± 5.0 VDC ±500 mA 80 % TDN 5-0921WI TDN 5-0922WI ±12 VDC ±210 mA 83 % TDN 5-0923WI ±15 VDC ±168 mA 83 % TDN 5-2410WI 3.3 VDC 1000 mA 76 % 5.0 VDC 1000 mA 80 % Models TDN 5-2411WI TDN 5-2412WI TDN 5-2413WI 9 – 36 VDC TDN 5-2415WI (24 VDC nominal) 12 VDC 420 mA 83 % 15 VDC 333 mA 83 % 24 VDC 210 mA 83 % TDN 5-2421WI ± 5.0 VDC ±500 mA 80 % TDN 5-2422WI ±12 VDC ±210 mA 83 % TDN 5-2423WI ±15 VDC ±168 mA 84 % TDN 5-4810WI 3.3 VDC 1000 mA 76 % TDN 5-4811WI 5.0 VDC 1000 mA 81 % TDN 5-4812WI TDN 5-4813WI 18 – 75 VDC TDN 5-4815WI (48 VDC nominal) 12 VDC 420 mA 83 % 15 VDC 333 mA 83 % 24 VDC 210 mA 83 % TDN 5-4821WI ± 5.0 VDC ±500 mA 80 % TDN 5-4822WI ±12 VDC ±210 mA 83 % TDN 5-4823WI ±15 VDC ±168 mA 84 % http://www.tracopower.com Page 1 of 3 PDF
Документация на серию TDN 5WI 

TDN 5WI Datasheet

Дата модификации: 13.06.2017

Размер: 139.1 Кб

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    Товары серии TDN 5WI

    Наименование i Упаковка Каналов U вх Выход Возможности U вх ном. U1 I1 КПД U2 I2
    TDN 5-0910WI (TRACO) в линейках 10 шт
    TDN 5-0911WI (TRACO) 10 шт
    TDN 5-0912WI (TRACO) 2 шт
    TDN 5-0913WI (TRACO) 7 шт
    TDN 5-0915WI (TRACO)
    TDN 5-0919WI (TRACO) 2 шт
    TDN 5-0921WI (TRACO) в линейках 10 шт
    TDN 5-0922WI (TRACO)
    TDN 5-0923WI (TRACO) 2 шт
    TDN 5-2410WI (TRACO) в линейках 10 шт
    TDN 5-2411WI (TRACO) в линейках 10 шт
    TDN 5-2412WI (TRACO) в линейках 10 шт
    TDN 5-2413WI (TRACO) 1 шт
    TDN 5-2415WI (TRACO) в линейках 10 шт
    TDN 5-2419WI (TRACO) 1 шт
    TDN 5-2421WI (TRACO) в линейках 10 шт
    TDN 5-2422WI (TRACO) в линейках 10 шт
    TDN 5-2423WI (TRACO) 3 шт
    TDN 5-4810WI (TRACO) в линейках 10 шт
    TDN 5-4811WI (TRACO) в линейках 10 шт
    TDN 5-4812WI (TRACO) в линейках 10 шт
    TDN 5-4813WI (TRACO) 1 шт
    TDN 5-4815WI (TRACO) 7 шт
    TDN 5-4819WI (TRACO) 13 шт
    TDN 5-4821WI (TRACO) в линейках 10 шт
    TDN 5-4822WI (TRACO) в линейках 10 шт
    TDN 5-4823WI (TRACO) 7 шт

    TDN 5WI публикации

    17 ноября 2017

    Компактные и малошумящие AC/DC- и DC/DC-преобразователи от TRACO Power

    Швейцарская компания TRACO Power – это широчайшая линейка надежных AC/DC– и DC/DC–модулей для монтажа на печатную плату. Многие из них подходят для применения в высоконадежной прецизионной аппаратуре, имеют возможность дистанционного... ...читать

    08 июня 2017

    TDN 5WI - самый компактный 5 Вт DC-DC преобразователь от TRACO

    Компания TRACO POWER разработала изолированные стабилизированные DC–DC преобразователи с выходной мощностью 5 Вт в миниатюрном исполнении – серия TDN 5WI (монтаж в отверстие) и серия TDN 5WISM (поверхностный монтаж). Объём корпуса... ...читать