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  Особенности: Test Battery, DCout Ok, DCin Ok, Bat Ok, дистанционное ВКЛ-ВЫКЛ, Bat Discharge, температурный датчик

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Battery Controller Modules TSP-BCM Series, 72–600 Watt Features ◆ Battery protection for over voltage, EMC LVD IEC 60950-1 deep discharge, short circuit and reverse connection ◆ Alarm outputs for input, output and battery condition ◆ Remote On/Off for battery and power supply ◆ Controlled end of charge voltage by temperature sensor ◆ International safety approval package ◆ 3-year product warranty This module provides a professional battery management system to charge and monitor an external lead-acid battery. Together with a power supply of the TSP series, a perfect DC-UPS system can be configured. The connected battery will be charged and held in charged mode by the power supply. In the event of a mains power failure the battery will supply the output power until the battery is discharged. As a consequence, the output voltage of the system is equivalent to the battery voltage. To avoid overcharging the battery, an external temperature sensor adjusts the battery voltage automatically to the required end of charge voltage. This can extend the battery life. The battery is protected against deep discharge. Mains power and battery status are monitored regularly and failures indicated by corresponding LED’s and alarm outputs. The module also provides an external On/Off input to switch-off both, power supply and battery. Models Max Power per Input Output Voltage Output Current max.* Output Power max. 12 VDC 24 VDC 144 W 12 VDC 12.0 A 144 W 360 W 24 VDC 15.0 A 360 W TSP–BCM48 48 VDC 360 W 48 VDC 7.5 A 360 W TSP–BCM24A 24 VDC 600 W 24 VDC 25.0 A 600 W TSP–BCM48A 48 VDC 600 W 48 VDC 12.5 A 600 W Order Code Input TSP–BCM12 TSP–BCM24 * Maximum current at nominal Vout Battery Controler Module Possible TSP input source Battery Controler Module Possible TSP input source TSP–BCM12 TSP 70-112 TSP 140-112 TSP–BCM24A TSP 600-124 TSP–BCM24 TSP 90-124 TSP 180-124(-WR) TSP 360-124(-WR) TSP–BCM48A TSP 600-148 TSP–BCM48 TSP 90-148 TSP 180-148 TSP 360-148 www.tracopower.com Page 1 of 6 PDF
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Industrial Power Supplies TSP-Series CB Innovative and Powerful Features! ◆ Rugged metal case for EMC LVD harsh industrial environments Scheme IEC 60950-1 UL 60950-1 UL 508 UL 60079-15 ATEX II3G ◆ Shock and vibration proof ◆ Worlwide Safety approval package. ◆ ATEX certification and IECEx test report (opt. EX) ◆ Model TSP 090-124N meets NEC class 2 ◆ Industrial operating temperature range: –25°C to +70°C ◆ Adjustable output voltage ◆ Protection agains short-circuit, overvoltage and over-temperature ◆ Power OK signal, Remote On/Off ◆ Wall mounting (opt.) ◆ 3-year product warranty Function Modules (see page 5) The TSP series comprises high performance DIN-rail mount power supplies designed for reliable operation under difficult factory floor conditions. High immunity against electrical disturbances and rugged metal casing make these modules the best choice to power sensitive loads in industrial process control systems, machine tools or other demanding industrial applications. They provide a DC-OK signal and external shut down function. Detachable screw terminal blocks make the connection easy. This power supply line is accompanied by a wide range of function modules for reliable system solutions: Redundancy modules for true current sharing in parallel operation and for redundant systems. Battery controller modules to configure high reliable UPS systems for 12, 24 and 48 VDC. Selection of battery packs available. Buffer modules for protection against short time AC power loss. Maintenance free! No batteries required. Models Order Code Output Power (Pmax) **Output Voltage (Vnom) ***Output Current (Imax) TSP 070–112* 72 W 12 VDC 6.0 A TSP 090–124* 90 W 24 VDC 3.75 A TSP 090–124N 90 W 24 VDC 3.75 A TSP 090–148* 96 W 48 VDC 2.0 A TSP 140–112* 144 W 12 VDC 12.0 A TSP 180–124* 180 W 24 VDC 7.5 A TSP 180–148* 192 W 48 VDC 4.0 A 24 VDC 15.0 A TSP 360–124* TSP 360–148* 360 W TSP 600–124* TSP 600–136 TSP 600–148* 600 W 48 VDC 7.5 A 24 VDC 25.0 A 36 VDC 16.5 A 48 VDC 12.5 A * For ATEX / IECEx compliant model add appendix -EX to order code. ** Output voltage adjustable 12–14 VDC, 24–28 VDC and 48–56VDC *** Max. current at nominal output voltage and operating temperature up to 40 °C max. http://www.tracopower.com Page 1 of 9 PDF
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    Товары серии TSP-BCM

    Наименование i Упаковка P вых U вх U вых I вых Iq Размер
    TSP-BCM 24 (TRACO) AC-DC 1 шт 35×110×110 мм
    TSP-BCM24 (TRACO) контроллер ИБП - P вых: 360 Вт; U вх: 24 В; U вых: 24 В; I вых: 15 А; C АКБ: 4, 7, 12 А... 1 шт 35×110×110 мм
    TSP-BCM24A (TRACO) контроллер ИБП - P вых: 600 Вт; U вх: 24 В; U вых: 24 В; I вых: 25 А; C АКБ: 4, 7, 12 А... 1 шт 54×110×110 мм
    TSP-BCM48 (TRACO) 1 шт 35×110×110 мм