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Документация на серию MKP 336 2 X2

Not for New Designs - Alternative Device: MKP339 X2 MKP336 2 X2 www.vishay.com Vishay BCcomponents Interference Suppression Film Capacitors - Class X2 Radial MKP 310 VAC - Standard Across the Line FEATURES • 10 mm to 27.5 mm lead pitch • Supplied loose in box, taped on reel • Material categorization: for definitions of compliance please see www.vishay.com/doc?99912 APPLICATIONS For standard across the line X2 applications See also application note: www.vishay.com/doc?28153 QUICK REFERENCE DATA Capacitance range (E12 series) 0.001 μF to 2.2 μF (preferred values acc. to E6) Capacitance tolerance ± 20 %; ± 10 %; ± 5 % Climatic testing class according to IEC 60068-1 55/110/56/B Rated AC voltage 310 VAC; 50 Hz to 60 Hz Permissible DC voltage 800 VDC at 85 °C, 630 VDC at 110 °C C  470 nF: 110 °C (125 °C for less than 1000 h), C > 470 nF: 110 °C Maximum application temperature IEC 60384-14 ed-4 (2013) and EN 60384-14 IEC 60065, pass. flamm. class B for volumes > 1750 mm3 CQC GB/T6346.14-2015 UL 60384-14; CSA E384-14 Reference standards Dielectric Polypropylene film Electrodes Metallized film Mono construction Construction Encapsulation Plastic case, epoxy resin sealed, flame retardant UL-class 94 V-0 Leads Tinned wire C-value; tolerance; rated voltage; sub-class; manufacturer’s type designation; code for dielectric material; manufacturer location; manufacturer’s logo; year and week; safety approvals Marking Note • For more detailed data and test requirements, contact: rfi@vishay.com DIMENSIONS in millimeters l w h lt P ± 0.4 Revision: 25-Jul-2019 Ø dt Document Number: 28120 1 For technical questions, contact: rfi@vishay.com THIS DOCUMENT IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. THE PRODUCTS DESCRIBED HEREIN AND THIS DOCUMENT ARE SUBJECT TO SPECIFIC DISCLAIMERS, SET FORTH AT www.vishay.com/doc?91000 PDF
Документация на серию MKP 336 2 X2 

Дата модификации: 29.09.2020

Размер: 192.3 Кб

15 стр.

    Товары серии MKP 336 2 X2

    Наименование i Упаковка Ёмкость Допуск Шаг Размер
    BFC233620103 (VISHAY)
    1 шт
    BFC233620104 (VISHAY) в коробках 1000 шт 17.5×5×11 мм
    BFC233620153 (VISHAY)
    BFC233620154 (VISHAY)
    BFC233620222 (VISHAY)
    в коробках 1000 шт
    BFC233620223 (VISHAY)
    в коробках 1000 шт
    BFC233620333 (VISHAY)
    BFC233620334 (VISHAY)
    1 шт
    BFC233620473 (VISHAY)
    1 шт
    BFC233620474 (VISHAY) Пленочный конденсатор - VDC: 630 В; VAC: 310 В; Ёмкость: 0.47 мкФ; Допуск: ±20%; Диэлек... в коробках 200 шт 26×7×16.5 мм
    BFC233621104 (VISHAY)
    в коробках 1000 шт 17.5×5×11 мм
    BFC233622104 (VISHAY)
    17.5×5×11 мм
    BFC233623104 (VISHAY)
    1 шт 17.5×5×11 мм
    BFC233623474 (VISHAY)
    26×7×16.5 мм
    BFC233624104 (VISHAY)
    17.5×5×11 мм
    BFC233624154 (VISHAY)
    BFC233624474 (VISHAY)
    BFC233625104 (VISHAY)
    17.5×5×11 мм
    BFC233626104 (VISHAY)
    1 шт 17.5×5×11 мм
    BFC233626154 (VISHAY)
    BFC233626474 (VISHAY)
    26×7×16.5 мм
    BFC233626683 (VISHAY)
    17.5×5×11 мм
    BFC233627104 (VISHAY)
    17.5×5×11 мм
    BFC233628104 (VISHAY)
    17.5×5×11 мм
    BFC233629011 (VISHAY)
    BFC233629021 (VISHAY)
    BFC233629031 (VISHAY)
    BFC233629051 (VISHAY)
    BFC233629144 (VISHAY)
    17.5×5×11 мм
    BFC233629167 (VISHAY)
    17.5×5×11 мм