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MKP 336 6 Y2 Vishay BCcomponents Interference Suppression Film Capacitors MKP Radial Potted Type 168x12(halfpage) FEATURES w l 10 to 15 mm lead pitch. Supplied loose in box, taped on reel e3 Lead (Pb)-free product h RoHS RoHS-compliant product COMPLIANT CONSTRUCTION Mono construction lt RATED VOLTAGE Ødt P±0.4 AC 250 V; 50 to 60 Hz Dimensions in mm PERMISSIBLE DC VOLTAGE APPLICATIONS DC 630 V Y2 class For Y2 electromagnetic interference suppression in across the line applications (50/60 Hz) with a maximum mains voltage of 250 Vac. These capacitors are not intended for continuous pulse applications. For these situations, capacitors of the AC and Pulse program must be used. CLIMATIC TESTING CLASS ACC. TO EN 60068-1 55/100/21/B CAPACITANCE RANGE (E12 SERIES) E12 series 0.001 to 0.047 µF Preferred values acc. to E6 REFERENCE STANDARDS “IEC 60384-14 2nd edition and EN 132400” “IEC 60065, pass. flamm. class B” 250 V: CSA-C22.2 No 1; UL1414; ENEC; UL1283 CAPACITANCE TOLERANCE MARKING LEADS C-value; tolerance; rated voltage; sub-class; manufacturer’s type designation; code for dielectric material; manufacturer location; year and week Tinned wire ± 20 %; ± 10 %; ± 5 % RATED TEMPERATURE 100 °C DIELECTRIC Polypropylene film MAXIMUM APPLICATION TEMPERATURE 100 °C ELECTRODES Metallized film DETAIL SPECIFICATION ENCAPSULATION Plastic case, epoxy resin sealed, flame retardant UL-class 94 V-0 Document Number: 28115 Revision: 21-Nov-05 For more detailed data and test requirements see “Type detail specification HQN-384-14/109” For technical questions contact: filmcaps.roeselare@vishay.com www.vishay.com 171 PDF
Документация на 222233660222 

Дата модификации: 02.12.2005

Размер: 210.7 Кб

5 стр.

    Товары серии MKP3366Y2

    Наименование i Упаковка VDC VAC Ёмкость Допуск T раб Шаг Размер
    222233660222 (VISHAY)
    222233660472 (VISHAY)
    222233663472 (VISHAY)
    BFC233660102 (VISHAY)
    300 шт 12.5×4×10 мм
    BFC233660103 (VISHAY)
    в коробках 1000 шт 17.5×5×11 мм
    BFC233660152 (VISHAY)
    12.5×4×10 мм
    BFC233660153 (VISHAY)
    17.5×6×12 мм
    BFC233660222 (VISHAY)
    в коробках 1000 шт 12.5×4×10 мм
    BFC233660223 (VISHAY) Пленочный конденсатор - VDC: 1 кВ; VAC: 300 В; Ёмкость: 0.022 мкФ; Допуск: ±20%; Диэлек... 750 шт 17.5×7×13.5 мм
    BFC233660332 (VISHAY)
    12.5×4×10 мм
    BFC233660333 (VISHAY)
    17.5×8.5×15 мм
    BFC233660472 (VISHAY)
    2222 336 60472 (VISHAY)
    1000 шт 12.5×5×11 мм
    BFC233660473 (VISHAY)
    17.5×10×16.5 мм
    BFC233660682 (VISHAY)
    в коробках 1000 шт 12.5×5×11 мм
    BFC233661102 (VISHAY)
    12.5×4×10 мм
    BFC233661103 (VISHAY)
    в коробках 1000 шт 17.5×5×11 мм
    BFC233661222 (VISHAY)
    12.5×4×10 мм
    BFC233663153 (VISHAY)
    17.5×6×12 мм
    BFC233663222 (VISHAY)
    12.5×4×10 мм
    BFC233663223 (VISHAY)
    17.5×7×13.5 мм
    BFC233663472 (VISHAY)
    12.5×5×11 мм
    BFC233663473 (VISHAY)
    17.5×10×16.5 мм
    BFC233666103 (VISHAY)
    17.5×5×11 мм
    BFC233666472 (VISHAY)
    12.5×5×11 мм
    BFC233666473 (VISHAY)
    17.5×10×16.5 мм
    BFC233667222 (VISHAY)
    12.5×4×10 мм
    BFC233667223 (VISHAY)
    17.5×7×13.5 мм