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MKP338 1 X1 Vishay BCcomponents Interference Suppression Film Capacitors MKP Radial Potted Type l l w FEATURES w h h' h F' lt P Ø dt (1) F H Ø dt 10 15 Dimensions in mm  15 mm to 27.5 mm lead pitch and 15 mm bent back to 7.5 mm Supplied loose in box, taped on ammopack or reel  Compliant to RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC PERMISSIBLE DC VOLTAGE DC 1000 V Note (1) |F - F’| < 0.3 mm F = 7.5 mm + 0.6 mm/- 0.1 mm ENCAPSULATION Plastic case, epoxy UL-class 94 V-0 APPLICATIONS For standard across the line X1 applications. See also Application Note: www.vishay.com/doc?28153 REFERENCE STANDARDS resin sealed, flame retardant CLIMATIC TESTING CLASS ACC. TO IEC 60068-1 55/105/56/B CAPACITANCE RANGE (E12 SERIES) “IEC 60384-14 ed-3 and EN 60384-14” “IEC 60065, pass. flamm. class B” UL1414; UL1283; CSA-C22.2 No. 8 E12 series 0.01 µF to 1 µF Preferred values acc. to E6 CAPACITANCE TOLERANCE MARKING C-value; tolerance; rated voltage; sub-class; manufacturer’s type designation; code for dielectric material; manufacturer location; manufacturer’s logo; year, week and safety approvals. ± 20 %; ± 10 %; ± 5 % LEADS Tinned wire DIELECTRIC MAXIMUM APPLICATION TEMPERATURE Polypropylene film 105 °C ELECTRODES DETAIL SPECIFICATION Metallized film For more detailed data and test requirements contact: RFI@vishay.com CONSTRUCTION Mono construction RATED VOLTAGE AC 440 V; 50 Hz to 60 Hz Document Number: 28116 Revision: 23-Feb-11 For technical questions, contact: RFI@vishay.com www.vishay.com 383 PDF
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