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Размер 14.6×14.6×25.1 мм
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Документация на серию SB-AA02

LITHIUM PRIMARY BATTERY SB-AA02 Key Characteristics High and stable operating voltage Low self-discharge rate (less than 1% after 1 year of storage at + 20 C) Bobbin type Non-flammable inorganic electrolyte Hermetic glass-to-metal sealing UL recognized (file number MH18384) RoHS Compliance Non-restricted for transport External Dimensions Specifications Model Nominal voltage Nominal capacity (at 1 , 20 , 2.0V cut off) Available Terminals : TC ST 2P 3P 3PW AX Other type available by request SB-AA02 3.6V 1.2Ah Maximum recommended continuous current (Higher currents are possible, consult Vitzrocell) Max. pulse discharge current Weight Operating temperature range 20mA 50mA 9.0g -55 ~ 85 C Max. pulse current/0.1 second pulses, drained every 2 min at + 20 C from undischarged cells with 10 A base current, yield voltage readings above 3.0V. The readings may vary according to the pulse characteristics, the temperature, and the cell's previous history. Fitting the cell with a capacitor may be recommended in severe conditions. Consult Vitzrocell. Characteristic Curve Continuous Discharge at 20 Capacity vs. Current Discharge Current vs. Duration Time This data was made on basis of nominal capacity for the purpose of enabling users to forecast approximate life time. In order to calculate precise life time under various environment, we recommend you to consult Vitzrocell. Warning Fire, explosion and severe burn hazard. Do not recharge, crush, disassemble, heat above 212 (100 ), incinerate, short circuit or expose contents to water. Keep battery out of reach of children and in original package until ready to use. Dispose of used batteries promptly. Any information given here is for reference only. Information is also dependent on actual conditions of use and does not guarantee future performance, and subject to change. PDF
Документация на серию SB-AA02 


Дата модификации: 23.12.2013

Размер: 295.3 Кб

1 стр.

    Товары серии SB-AA02

    Наименование i Упаковка Контакты
    SB-AA02 (VITZRO)
    SB-AA02 3.6V (VITZRO)
    SB-AA02-2P (VITZRO) 1 шт
    SB-AA02-3P (VITZRO) 1 шт
    SB-AA02-3PW (VITZRO)
    SB-AA02-AX (VITZRO) 1 шт
    SB-AA02-TC (VITZRO) 1 шт