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RTF-5010 Housing for LED Lamp FEATURES z z z z z PACKAGE DIMENSIONS Suitable for back panel illumination, circuit board indicator, LED indicator Recommended hole diameter: Φ8.3 mm Housing UL rating: 94V-0 Housing material: Type 66 nylon RoHS compliant K PACKING & LABEL SPECIFICATIONS g in g i r b t h Notes: 1. All dimensions are in millimeters (inches). 2. Tolerance is ±0.25(0.01") unless otherwise noted. 3. Specifications are subject to change without notice. PRECAUTIONARY NOTES 1. The information included in this document reflects representative usage scenarios and is intended for technical reference only. 2. The part number, type, and specifications mentioned in this document are subject to future change and improvement without notice. Before production usage customer should refer to the latest datasheet for the updated specifications. 3. When using the products referenced in this document, please make sure the product is being operated within the environmental and electrical limits specified in the datasheet. If customer usage exceeds the specified limits, Kingbright will not be responsible for any subsequent issues. 4. The information in this document applies to typical usage in consumer electronics applications. If customer's application has special reliability requirements or have life-threatening liabilities, such as automotive or medical usage, please consult with Kingbright representative for further assistance. 5. The contents and information of this document may not be reproduced or re-transmitted without permission by Kingbright. 6. All design applications should refer to Kingbright application notes available at http://www.Kingbright.com/application_notes © 2018 Kingbright. All Rights Reserved. Spec No: DSAB0797 Rev No: V.13 Date: 04/18/2018 Page 1 / 1 PDF
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Дата модификации: 18.04.2018

Размер: 146 Кб

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