Конденсатор алюминиевый 63 В x 10 мкФ ±20%, SMD, -55...105 °C, 10000 ч
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Номинальная ёмкость
Допуск ёмкости
Номинальное напряжение
Диаметр корпуса
Высота корпуса
Рабочая температура
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Аналоги 24

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Тип Наименование Корпус Упаковка i Ёмкость Допуск Напряжение Диаметр Высота Траб Наработка Монтаж Примечания Карточка
A+ JCK1J100M063054 (JB)
A+ EEE2AA100UP (PAN) в ленте 10 шт
A+ EEEFK1J100P (PAN) 1 шт
A+ EEEFK1K100XP (PAN) в ленте 500 шт
A+ MAL214097805E3 (VISHAY) 5 шт
A+ MAL213968109E3 (VISHAY)
Maintenance, Blister Tape on Reel, SMD
A+ CA100M0010REF-0810 (YAG)
ECAPSMD 10/100V 0810 CA (YAG)
конденсатор алюминиевый SMD 10 мкФ 100 В  -40...85 °C 2000 ч Surface Mount Aluminum electrolytic
A+ JCS1J100M063054 (JB)
A+ JCS1J100M063077 (JB)
A+ JCK1J100M063077 (JB)
A+ JCK1J100M080062 (JB)
A+ JCK2A100M063077 (JB)
A+ JCK2A100M080105 (JB)
A+ EEEFN2A100P (PAN) V-FN, 100V,10uF, 105°C, 2000h, 8x10.2mm, ripple 130mArms, 1.3Ohm
A+ EEEHA1J100P (PAN) 1 шт

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Наименование Корпус Упаковка Краткое описание Карточка
293D106X9063E2TE3 (VISHAY) TANT73434373X43X43MM в ленте 400 шт Конденсатор танталовый 63 В 10 мкФ ±10% TANT73434373X43X43MM  
293D106X0063E2TE3 (VISHAY) TANT73434373X43X43MM TANT73434373X43X43MM
134D106X9125C6 (VISHAY)
150D106X9100S2B934 (VISHAY)
135D106X9100C6 (VISHAY)
134D106X9125C6E3 (VISHAY)
597D106X9075R2T (VISHAY) 1 шт
150D106X9075R2TE3 (VISHAY)
150D106X9075R2BE3 (VISHAY)
150D106X0075R2TE3 (VISHAY)
516D106M063JL6AE3 (VISHAY) 1 шт
597D106X0063D2T (VISHAY)
597D106X9063D2T (VISHAY)
150D106X9075R2B (VISHAY)
TCJE106M063R0100 (AVX) в ленте 400 шт
T110C106K075AS7200 (KEM)
T110C106K075AT (KEM) Танталовый конденсатор -  
T110C106M075AT (KEM)
T212C106K075BS (KEM)
T212C106K075CS (KEM)
T212C106K075MS (KEM)
T212C106K075PS (KEM)
T212C106K075RS (KEM)
T212C106K075SS (KEM)
T110C106K075AS (KEM) Конденсатор танталовый  

Файлы 2

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Conductive Polymer Hybrid Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors Surface Mount Type Series: ZA Type: V High temperature lead-free reflow ● ● ● ● Features Endurance : 10000 h at 105 °C Low ESR and high ripple current (70 % over, Lower ESR than current V-FP) High voltage (to 80 V.DC) Equivalent to conductive polymer type aluminum electrolytic capacitor (There are little characteristics change by temperature and frequency) ● Vibration-proof product is available upon request. New lineup of φ6.3 product. (φ6.3, φ8, φ10) ● AEC-Q200 compliant ● RoHS compliant Specifications Size code C D D8 F G Category temp. range –55 ℃ to +105 ℃ Rated voltage range 25 V.DC to 50 V.DC 25 V.DC to 63 V.DC 25 V.DC to 80 V.DC Nominal cap.range 10 μF to 33 μF 10 μF to 56 μF 22 μF to 100 μF 22 μF to 220 μF 33 μF to 330 μF Capacitance tolerance ±20 % (120 Hz / +20 ℃) DC leakage current I ≦ 0.01 CV or 3 (μA) After 2 minutes (whichever is greater) Dissipation factor (tan δ) Please see the attached characteristics list +105 °C ± 2 °C, 10000 h, apply the rated ripple current without exceeding the rated voltage Capacitance change Within ±30% of the initial value Dissipation factor (tan δ) ≦ 200 % of the initial limit ESR ≦ 200 % of the initial limit Endurance DC leakage current Within the initial limit Size code ESR after Endurance C D D8 F G (Ω / 100 kHz)(-40 ℃) 2.0 1.4 0.8 0.4 0.3 After storage for 1000 hours at +105 °C ± 2 °C with no voltage applied and then being Shelf life stabilized at +20 °C, capacitors shall meet the limits specified in endurance. (With voltage treatment) +85 °C ± 2 °C, 85 % to 90 %, 2000 h, rated voltage applied Capacitance change Within ±30% of the initial value Damp heat (Load) Dissipation factor (tan δ) ≦ 200 % of the initial limit ESR ≦ 200 % of the initial limit DC leakage current Within the initial limit After reflow soldering and then being stabilized at +20 °C, capacitors shall meet the following limits. Resistance to Capacitance change Within ±10% of the initial value soldering heat Dissipation factor (tan δ) Within the initial limit DC leakage current Within the initial limit 33 E ZA Series identification Rated voltage mark Rated voltage mark E V H 25 35 50 J K Unit:V.DC 63 80 (P) + L W Pressure relief (φ10 and larger) Size code Lot number B±0.2 Capacitance (μF) H φD±0.5 Negative polarity marking (–) A±0.2 – C D D8 F G φD 5.0 6.3 6.3 8.0 10.0 L 5.8±0.3 5.8±0.3 7.7±0.3 10.2±0.3 10.2±0.3 A,B 5.3 6.6 6.6 8.3 10.3 (I) 0.3 max. Example : 25 V.DC 33 μF Marking color : BLACK (I) Dimensions (not to scale) K Marking ( )Reference size H 6.5 max. 7.8 max. 7.8 max. 10.0 max. 12.0 max. I 2.2 2.6 2.6 3.4 3.5 W 0.65±0.1 0.65±0.1 0.65±0.1 0.90±0.2 0.90±0.2 P 1.5 1.8 1.8 3.1 4.6 Unit:mm K 0.35 +0.15 -0.20 0.35 +0.15 -0.20 0.35 +0.15 -0.20 0.70±0.2 0.70±0.2 ·The dimensions of the vibration-proof products, please refer to the page ofthe mounting specification. Design and specifications are each subject to change without notice. Ask factory for the current technical specifications before purchase and/or use. Should a safety concern arise regarding this product, please be sure to contact us immediately. 05-Dec-18 PDF
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