Reference Design to Extend Coin Cell Battery Run Time in Wireless Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detector

1 января 2018

Texas Instrumentsопорное решениеинтегральные микросхемыисточники питаниябеспроводные технологиидискретные полупроводникисредства разработки и материалы

This reference design demonstrates a low-power wireless sensor which detects gas leaks by analyzing the ultrasonic spectrum for particular signatures. The system is designed to operate from a single Li-Primary coin cell and communicate wirelessly to a base station, which removes all requirements for wiring and enables easy installation. The design incorporates an ultra-low-power battery fuel gauge to accurately predict battery health and provide advance notice of upcoming end-of-life for scheduled battery replacement.


Accurate li-primary battery gauging enables extended lifetime and predictable maintenance Uses multiple power domains to optimize system current consumption System diagnostics available for precision power evaluation during development Over three years of operation on coin cell battery ehen sensing every 30 seconds Leak detection independent of gas type; does not require concentration of gas to contact sensor


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