ICL-16R/16L 16A AC Inrush Current Limiter (ICL-16R) (ICL-16L) ■ Features 23A inrush limiting current, 16A continuous 180~264VAC AC input Integrated bypass relay, no simple NTC Internal thermal protection Installed on DIN Rail TS-35/7.5 or 15 (ICL-16R) -30~+70°C wide working temperature 3 years warranty ■ Applications Allow connecting multiple power supply at same line Allows smal...
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Тип аксессуара
Описание ток: 16 А; напряжение: 230 В АС; температура: -30...+70 С; на DIN-рейку
Серии совместимых моделей
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Installation Manual  Type:ICL AC inrush current limiter(Series:ICL-16R, ICL-16L ,ICL-28R, ICL-28L) ICL-16R INPUT: 180-264VAC 50/60Hz AC CURRENT: 16A (Continuous) ICL-16L INPUT: 180-264VAC 50/60Hz AC CURRENT: 16A (Continuous) ICL-28R INPUT: 180-264VAC 50/60Hz AC CURRENT: 28A (Continuous) ICL-28L INPUT: 180-264VAC 50/60Hz AC CURRENT: 28A (Continuous)  Introduction The ICL-R/L is an AC inrush current limiter that can be used to reduce the high starting current due to capacitive load or inductive causing the circuit breaker to be false triggered. Several power supplies can be installed on the same AC line after the implementation of an ICL-R/L.  Installation ICL-R: (1)Always allow good ventilation clearances, 5mm left and right, 40mm above and 20mm below, around the unit in use to prevent it from overheating. Also a 10-15 cm clearance must be kept when the adjacent device is a heat source. (2)The appropriate mounting orientation for the unit is vertical, the input terminals at the bottom and output on the top. Mounting orientations other than that, such as upside down, horizontal, or table-top mounting, is not allowed. (3)Use copper wire only, and recommended wires are shown as below. AWG 18 16 14 12 10 Rated Current of Equipment 7 10 15 25 32 (Amp) 2 Cross-section of Lead(mm ) 0.8 1.3 2.1 2.5 4 Note:Current each wire carries should be de-rated to 80% of the current suggested above when using 4-6 wires connected to the unit. Make sure that all strands of each stranded wire enter the terminal connection and the screw terminals are securely fixed to prevent poor contact. If the power supply possesses multi-output terminals, please make sure each contact is connected to wires to prevent too much current stress on a single contact. (4)Use wires that can withstand temperatures of at least 80°C, such as UL1007. (5)Recommended wire strapping length is 6mm (0.236”). (6)Recommended screwdriver is 3mm, slotted type. (7)The recommended torque setting for terminals is shown as below. Model I/P O/P ICL-16R 6.9 kgf-cm (6 Lb-in) 6.9 kgf-cm (6 Lb-in) ICL-28R 5.1kgf-cm (4.43 Lb-in) 5.1kgf-cm (4.43 Lb-in) PDF
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